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"Clary, come on." Simon pushes, wanting Clary to go with him, "We gotta go."

"Simon," Clary grabs his hand, "I think Jace can help us."

"What- do I just not exist now?" I remark, walking towards the steps.

"Well-" Clary decided to mutter, "According to us, that's what we thought so-"

I stop, shooting Jace a look.

"How do we know this Mick Jagger- looking guy and your meth dealing sister is even gonna try-" Simon began to stammer, as Clary pulled him behind us.

"I'm not a meth dealer." I roll my eyes, continuing to walk up the steps.

Jace faces him, "Mundane, we do not have the time."

"Come on, Simon." I sigh, walking into the Institute, as they follow me.

"I still can't believe I'm staring at her right now-" Simon whispers to Clary, "Is it just me or did she get hotter?"

I looked back at him, holding my stele pointed to arm to draw a rune, shooting him a look, Jace pursing his lips to hold back laugh, Clary rolling her eyes at his comment.

"Just me?" Simon nervously said, "Okay-"

"Not just you-" Jace crosses his arms.

I draw the rune onto my arm, as I clench my jaw at the pain, Simon staring at me, "She's, like, burning herself."

I shove my stele into my pocket, grabbing Simon's hand.

"Wow-" Simon's eyes went wide, "What're you doing- I'm not your type-"

"Yeah- you're not." I agree with him simply, his eyes widening not being able to see the Institute.

"Where are we? What the hell?" Simon questions, looking straight ahead, "Clary, is there a war going on that I don't know about?"

"There is now." Jace walks off and into the Ops Center, as I followed right behind him.

"I think my mother's at the center of it." Clary sighs, pulling Simon along.

"What is this place?" Simon looked around, "There's a lot of gear in here. What'd they do, rob a tech shop?"

Simon stares at Clary, "So this cold-blooded killer is gonna help us?"

"He's not a killer." I looked at him, "He saved her life."

"We-" Jace nudges me, correcting me, "We're protecting you- It's sort of our thing."

"Your thing? You guys have a thing?" Simon questions.

"He means a Shadowhunter thing." Clary crosses her arms, "That's what they do, protecting humans from demons."

"Demons, right." Simon sarcastically repeats, "Yeah- totally- your older sister ran off three years ago to be part of a fantasy fight club. That makes perfect sense, 'cause there are demons running all around New York."

"That is the first correct thing you've said all day." I looked at him.

"NYPD." Jace pulls up the footage on the screen.

"Won't they find us?" Clary questioned.

"No- our wards will deter them." Jace explained, "And the NYPD will do their typical mundie thing for a few hours and then the area will be clear."

"What is going on?" Alec walks over, "Why is there a mundane in the Institute?"

I face him, "A Circle member followed him to get to Clary."

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