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"Dad?" Jace breathes heavily, tears brimming in his eyes, as he stares at the man.

I barely took a step, feeling as if I could collapse right there.

The man looked oddly familiar. Too familiar.

I definitely knew him from somewhere, but I wasn't sure.

"Son-" He stood up and reached for Jace, "Oh, Jace- I can't believe it-"

I jump between them, breathing heavily, holding my kindjal in defense, "Get back."

My mother touched my shoulder, noticing the sting on my neck, "You're hurt-"

"How did you find me?" The man looked between Jace and I, "How?-"

"You're dead." Jace's voice was weak from behind me, "Valentine killed you- Valentine's- he's here-"

"No, Jace-" He shook his head, reaching for Jace over me, using advantage of my height, "It's me."

"Hey-" I raise my voice, holding my blade higher, my vision becoming slightly blurry, as my breathing grew even more ragged, and my body grew weaker, "I told you to get back!"

"I'm Michael Wayland." The man gaped down at me, "I'm Jace's father."

I shook my head, keeping my ground.

"Look, I know what Jace told you, but I've been here for ten years." He confessed, "Valentine took off and left me."

"And Jocelyn Fairchild?" Clary questioned.

"He took her with him." Michael told us, "You are?"

"I'm Clary, her daughter." She introduced herself, "Meliorn, the Seelie, told me that he was here with her."

Her voice started to fade, as I blink, slowly stepping from between Michael and Jace.

Michael instantly engulfs his son in a tight hug, a tear slipping from Jace's eyes as he held onto him, as shocked as I was.

I screw my eyes shut, trying to focus, but it only made it worse, because when I opened my eyes, they were rolling to the back of my head as I collapsed, dropping my kindjal.

"No!" Jace moved quickly and caught me, holding my bridal style, "I got you- I got you- just- keep your eyes open-"

I no longer had the energy to speak, my eyes barely open as I coughed, my body almost lifeless as the venom spread through my body.

"It's Ravener venom-" Clary cries out, picking up my kindjal, "She kept telling us she was all right-"

My voice was weak, "We have to find Valentine- we need to find him now- we came here for him-"

"Her stele-" My mother began to look through my pockets quickly, "Where is it-"

"Take mine-" Jace quickly told her, keeping a hold on me, as she nodded, quickly digging through his pockets, her eyes widening in surprise when she grabbed the card the Mortal Cup was hidden in, shoving it back in his pocket, Michael's eyes watching her do so.

"Where is it?" She questioned, looking through his other pockets, avoiding the one she just looked at.

"Back pocket-" Jace told her, looking at me, "Hey- it's gonna be okay-"

She pulled the stele out, Clary pulling my shirt up a little, moving my jacket out of the way, exposing my side, where the Iratze rune was engraved on me.

"What's wrong?" Jace questions, noticing how her trying to activate the rune wasn't doing much change.

"The rune is weak-" Michael notices, "Ravener venom must be spreading."

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