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"Uh- hi." I walked into Alec and I's office the next night, messing with the bandage on my wrist, dressed in sweatpants and one of his sweaters, "How long was I out?"

Alec looked at me, "15 hours."

"Oh-" I rubbed the back of my neck, my voice quiet, "That's uhm- long."

"I didn't wake you." Alec looked back down at his work, not greeting me with a kiss like he usually would, "I thought you could use the sleep."

"Well, I- have something to show you." I slowly walked toward him, undoing the bandage on my wrist to reveal the tattoo I had impulsively gotten before the dinner last night, thinking that it would make me feel better, "I- got your name- like you do of mine."

Alec stares at it, and doesn't say anything.

"I thought that- it'd make me feel more connected to you." I stared at him, wanting to get something out of him, "Jonathan and I have a life binding rune, but- when you got yours, you told me since the ink was permanent, so were we-"

Alec looked from the tattoo, to me, then back to the tattoo, pressing his lips against it for a few moments, then looked back at his work, "I like it."

"Alec." I sigh, "I'm sorry- about the little- outburst-"

"It wasn't just a little outburst- and, it's been consistent." Alec looked at me, "You said some things, Zee."

"That wasn't me- okay, it was- all of the tequila-" I put my messy hair behind my ears, "I've been- terrible to you- and I'm so- so sorry I ruined our dinner- you were being a sweetheart and I ruined it-"

Alec stares, "It's not the dinner I'm worried about."

"Hey-" Jace knocked on the door, making Alec and I look back, "Is now a bad time?"

Alec began, getting up, "Actually-"

"No- no, you're good." I cut him off, lightly shaking my head, "What's up?"

Clary walked in, Magnus walking in behind them as he was already on his way in, "On the hunt, we came across a Drevak demon."

"Yeah, which is weird, right?" Jace questioned, "They usually keep to the sewers."

Alec crosses his arms, "Maybe the holiday noise is drawing them out."

"Yeah, it could be." Jace nodded, "The streets are packed with idiots in costumes."

"What? Hey-" I reached and hit his arm, "I used to be one of those idiots."

Jace remarks, both him and Alec snickering at me, "Shocker."

"What? I love Halloween." I was defensive, "I used to do Halloween makeup- I'd make it look like a surgery gone wrong or something-"

Clary nods once, "She was very good-"

"I love Halloween, too." Magnus softly smiles, speaking before realizing, "Every year, I would use my magic to decorate an entire city block in Brooklyn-"

Then he sighs, the look on his face making my heart break, "Fond memories."

"Brief ops on the demon." Alec instructed to them.

"Uhm, hey- Magnus-" I caught his hand, following him out into the hall, "You know, Maryse has been dying for somebody to help her decorate her new shop- she's asked me a few times but, I've been too busy-, I know it's not a Halloween block party, but what do you think?"

"I suppose I do have an eye for design." Magnus softly smiles, "Will you be joining us?"

"Maybe later." I took a step back, "Yeah, I have this meeting I can't miss- it's Clave business."

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