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"He said my name." Clary's voice came from Jace's room that very night as I neared it, almost running right into Alec who headed towards the room from the other direction, "He said, your mother for the Cup."

Alec and I stared at each other as we both jerk to a stop right before we ran into each other.

I felt drawn to him, but I pushed it away.

Alec and I turn towards the room, the words slipping out of my mouth instantly, "Who said that?"

Jace and Clary turn, speaking in unison, "Valentine."

"He's with my mother." Clary told us, looking between us, Jace holding up Clary's necklace.

"And he can speak to you through that necklace?" Alec walks in, "Here, in the Institute?"

I followed, as Clary nods, "It's like when I saw Dot."

"It's a Portal shard." Jace held it up, "That's why your mother made sure you had it."

"All I know is what-" Clary looks between us all, "My mother's alive. She's unconscious, but alive. And I saw-"

She stops, my eyebrows furrowing at her pause, as I crossed my arms, "What else did you see?"

"Zee- I-" Clary swallows, looking at me, "I saw- I saw Margaret."

My expression immediately changed, my heart plummeting to the ground, my voice low, "That's not funny."

"I'm serious." Clary honestly spoke, "I saw her. She was chained up, and looked beaten-"

I shook my head, "She was taken from me years ago- she would be dead by now."

"Well- she's not." Clary stared at me, "I'm giving you the littlest bit of hope that she's still alive."

"After three years of trying to bury that away- I don't want it." I step back, looking away.

Alec takes notice of my mood change and speaks up, "Where are they?"

"I don't know." Clary sighs deeply.

"But- you said you saw them." Alec pushed, "Were there any identifying characteristics? Equipment, weapons, photographs?"

"Alec-" I looked at him, taking notice of his rushed and pushing tone.

"I don't remember." Clary spat, "It was awful."

"Alec, lighten up." Jace looks at him.

"I'm trying to get something we can use out of this." Alec snips, "Clary, what did you see, exactly?"

"Valentine has both my mother and Zee's." Clary shot back at him, "That's what I saw."

"Emotions are nothing but a distraction." Alec stares at her, "You're ruled by them. We're taught to control them."

Clary looks between Alec and I, "And how is that working out for ya?"

"It is my job to protect the Institute." Alec made it clear, "If Valentine can see in, that's a door I have to shut."

"Now- let me take a look at that thing." Alec held his hand out, Jace sighing, setting it onto the palm of his hand, Alec looking up before leaving the room, "Now, it's in the proper hands."

"Alec- wait!" I chased after him, Clary and Jace right on my tail, "Alec- where are you going?"

"To put this somewhere safe." Alec walks up the steps and into the training room, "Where no one could be tempted to use it."

"We should use it." Jace came to Alec's other side, "Alec, we should use it to get to Valentine."

"If I were Valentine, I'd make you think that you could rescue Jocelyn." Alec got onto one knee and opens up the safe, placing the necklace inside, "And then I'd lure Clary to me and leverage her life for the Cup."

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