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"Biscuit- thank god you're okay-" Magnus held me tightly, holding me close to his chest, "I lost my mind thinking you were gone-"

I softly smiled and hugged onto him tighter, exhaling, "I missed you too, Magnus."

Simon suddenly ran over the moment I slipped away from Magnus, hugging me incredibly tight, "Zee!"

"Wow, hey!-" I gasped when he lifted me off the ground, hugging back tightly, "Hi-"

"Am I dreaming? This- you're okay, you're alive-" Simon was stammering as he slowly set me down after holding me for a few moments, "You made it-"

"Of course I did." I nudged his shoulder playfully, "It's a lot harder to kill off the meth dealer."

Simon softly smiled at my reference, then sighed through his nose, "Zee, I am- so sorry-"

"No, I am-" I squeezed his arms gently, "Look- it's alright- we both made it, right? We're totally badasses now-"

Simon softly laughed, "You've always been a badass-"

"Zee!-" Isabelle rushed over to me, following shortly after Simon, stumbling when I was engulfed by Isabelle, "Oh my god-"

"Iz-" I immediately hugged back and held onto my parabatai tightly, "Hi- hey-"

But even being reconnected with her, I couldn't feel her anymore. I couldn't feel our connection.

Isabelle pulled away and pulled up her shirt lightly to look for our parabatai rune, but there was nothing there.

"Jonathan." I swallowed hard, putting my hair behind my ears, "I can't really make sense of it- because I don't entirely know what they did to me- but, they used some sort of magic to make it seem like I'm dead- so our rune- is just- gone- along with my abilities- I couldn't even make a portal rune."

"Tell me where Jonathan is." Isabelle looked up at me, "I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch with my bare hands."

I sharply inhale through my nose, "Another thing-"

"You can't." Jace answered for me, "None of us can."

Simon questions, "Why?"

"Look familiar? Doesn't ring a bell to me either." I pulled on my shirt and showed them the rune, "Lilith carved this rune into me- right before your mark blasted her back to Hell."

"The rune ties Zee's life force to Jonathan's." Alec exhales deeply and wrapped his arm around me.

Luke nods once, "Hurt one of them, you hurt the other in the exact same way."

"Which is why I sent an alert out to the other Institutes." Alec slid his finger on the screen, "Jonathan must be captured- but, alive."

"I love you." I looked up at my boyfriend, then wrapped my arms around his middle loosely.

"I love you-" Alec rubbed my arm, looking down at me, "Not losing you again any time soon."

I softly smile at him, then looked between everyone else, "When we were in Paris- he was looking for a sword- it's called The Morning Star."

Clary huffs, "Seriously?-"

Simon speaks, "Another magic sword?"

"I know right?" I huffed lightly, "I don't know- he said it was some sort of family heirloom- tried to say he was going to gift it to me-"

Isabelle nods immediately, "I'll reach out to all the weapons masters to get intel."

"I'll draw all the ley line junctions in the city." Magnus nodded as well, "If Jonathan moved the apartment, we'll find him."

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