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I walked through the Ops Center, glancing at Alec, whom was speaking to someone.

I held back a sigh, trying to walk away without him noticing me, as I was changed in a wine colored off shoulder cut out long sleeve, it was slim onto my figure and was tucked into black ripped jeans, as I ran a hand through my straight hair, my boots clicking against the ground.

Alec's eyes land on me, noticing me right as I stepped by him, "Just, hold on one second-"

"Zee-" He steps in front of me, stopping me from going any further, "I need to talk to you."

"If I can't talk any sense into you- I don't want to waste my breath." I try to walk past him, not making any eye contact.

"Zee-" Alec steps in front of me again, his voice low, "I can't protect you if you don't tell me the truth."

"What other truth is there, Alec? I mean, you saw me- you saw what happened." I looked up at him, "And- I don't need protecting."

"Lydia is determined to find out who caused what happened- she's questioning every Shadowhunter on the team you guys took down." Alec crosses his arms, staring at me.

"Well- you know I was a part of it." My tone was low, "Why don't you just go tell her yourself?"

Alec stares at me, shaking his head, "No-"

"Oh?" I blink in amusement, pursing my lips.

"Hey, just- tell me this." Alec sighs, his voice remaining low of only me to hear as our conversation remained at that tone since the start, "Is there any way that Raj could have seen anything incriminating?"

"I wasn't the one who got to him." I barely shrug, "What did Izzy tell you?"

"Nothing-" Alec huffs, "Absolutely nothing-"

"Good-" I scoff, stepping back, my eyes landing on Lydia, who was speaking to Raj.

"I don't think you can call it an attack if no one got injured." Raj told her, "We were ambushed."

"How is that possible?" Lydia questioned, "Nobody outside the Institute knew about the mission."

"It was dark- we couldn't see much. There were wolves and the others were hit with vampires." Raj explained, "But I swear, the one that got me moved a lot like a Shadowhunter."


"I'm sorry." Lydia says to Alec, who stood in front of the monitor, confusion falling over his features.

Alec turns, "For what?"

My eyes began to widen when both my hands were pulled behind my back, as I felt the cool metal of handcuffs being cuffed around my wrists, Raj being the one who had done it.

I looked at him, "What the hell are you doing-"

Lydia exhales, standing in front of me, "Zee Young, by order of the Clave, you are under arrest for high treason."

"What?" Alec got defensive, walking over to us, "On what grounds?"

Isabelle walked over, "What the hell do you think you're doing, Lydia?"

Lydia crosses her arms, "Only a handful of people knew about the Meliorn op."

Raj looked at me, "And the Clave knows she'll do anything for family."

I blink hard, as he was implying I would do anything for Isabelle, because she was like a sister to me.

I sigh, staring at the ground, "Are the handcuffs necessary?"

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