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I rushed over Jace, Clary and Isabelle right as the briefing began, skidding to a stop, "Did I miss anything?"

I was dressed in a cropped button emerald green cardigan as it was slightly loose on me, black ripped jeans and black boots on my feet, my hair in waves.

"No, you're just in time." Jace nudged me as I stood between him and Isabelle.

Alec's eyes fell on me, as I gave him a thumbs up and my best smile, the look he was giving me showed me that he was slightly nervous.

Alec stood tall in front of the Institute, his hands behind his back, "We've lost seven of our own, but we can't allow a single, radical Seelie to define the entire Downworld, any more than we can allow Valentine to define all Shadowhunters."

"So, to restore unity with our allies, I will be hosting regular Cabinet meetings here with the Downworld leaders of New York." Alec continued to address to the entire Institute, as I smiled at him for this.

"I'm all for unity." Lindsay whispered to Duncan from beside me, "But- does he have to bring them here?"

"What do you expect?" Duncan whispered back, "He's dating Valentine's daughter. Shockingly, she's close to a lot of them."

Lindsay scoffs lightly, "Still can't believe Alec Lightwood is in charge."

I cross my arms and looked at her, "As he should be."

Isabelle was next to me, also noticing their whispers, "Show some respect."

"Just wait." Duncan whispered to Lindsay a few moments after Isabelle and I said something, "In a week, it'll be someone else."

"All right." I murmured to Isabelle, taking a step closer to them, "Let me at em-"

Isabelle grabbed my waist, "Wait."

"You're right." Lindsay softly scoffed, "He isn't going to last very long. I don't think the Clave is going to be pleased with what he's doing on his girlfriends account."

"He's not fit to be Head of the Institute-" Duncan began, as I started to pull my sleeves up.

"Please, let's make the Downworlders feel welcome." Alec dismissed and walks over to Clary, Isabelle, Jace and I.

"All right." Isabelle lets go of me, "Now you can go."

I tackled Duncan to the ground right away while everyone was returning back to duty, throwing punches at his face, hearing Clary's gasp from behind me, along with Lindsay's.

Isabelle stood there, her arms crossed as she watched, proudness crossing her expression as Alec and Jace rushed over to me to try and pull me off.

Lindsay reaches to stop me, but I grabbed her wrist, twisting it and flipping her onto the ground next to Duncan, throwing a punch at her as well.

Jace grabbed me by my waist and pried me off, "Wow- wow- hey!"

Duncan held his nose as he got up, "What is wrong with you?"

"The next time you openly disrespect him, I'll break more than just your nose!" I grit through my teeth, trying to fight in Jace's grip as Lindsay and Duncan slowly walk away, Lindsay caring for Duncan's injury.

"Hey- hey- hey-" Jace puts me down and jerks me to face him, holding my arms and looking down at him, "What the hell was that?"

I look between all of them, "What did it look like?"

Clary looked shocked.

Jace looked caught off guard.

Isabelle looked proud.

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