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"Any word from the Clave?" Isabelle questioned Lydia when her and I came by her side, walking with her.

Everyone was stressed.

Not being able to find Jace was setting us all over the edge.

I pulled my white v neck shirt down to it's full length, as it ended right at the beginning of my thighs, covering a rip or two of my black ripped jeans I was wearing.

"Not yet, and we've been trying for the past four hours." Lydia lead us to the Ops Center, Magnus coming to my side and Alec came to Isabelle's, "Something's up."

"Mmm, the Clave being unhelpful?" Magnus hummed, holding one of Jace's sweatshirts, "Who's shocked? Show of hands?"

"I'm worried." Alec admits, "I can't sense Jace through our parabatai bond."

"We'll find him, Alec-" I assure him, "When we arrested Hodge, he said Valentine was on a ship- they must still be over water."

Lydia's eyebrows furrow, "Pull up the waterways around New York."

Isabelle does exactly that, the hologram shining between us all as we surrounded the monitor, "The ship couldn't have gone too far."

"Anything?" Alec looked at Magnus, panic threaded in his tone.

Magnus looked at him, from trying to track Jace from his Jace's sweatshirt, "Sorry."

"There's got to be something!" Alec raised his voice slightly, starting to breathe heavily.

"I don't see him." Magnus calmly said, sighing.

"All right, listen up!" Alec shouts, stepping forward, fainting everyone's attention, "I want 24/7 monitoring of the Hudson and East Rivers. If you see anything unusual, you come to me first."

"I've got this, Alec-" Lydia interjects, wanting him to calm down.

"Then why haven't you found Jace yet?" Alec rudely shot at her, and I could tell the worry was getting the best of him.

"Don't forget who you're talking to." Lydia was firm, "I am still the Head of this Institute."

Alec shot back, "And my brother is still missing!"

"Why don't you just take a break?" Isabelle stepped up, noticing how he could explode of anger.

"Not now, Izzy." Alec huffs, stepping back.

"Isabelle's right, and it's not a request." Lydia was strict with him, "You're dismissed."

"Fine!" Alec began to storm off.

"Hey, wait-" I gently say, grabbing his arm.

He turns, facing me, ripping his arm from my grasp, bursting, "Everybody, just back off!"

Then he turns, walking away quickly, leaving us all in silence.


I made my way into the Greenhouse quickly, "Clary, I need to talk-"

I jerk to a stop when I notice Jocelyn and my mother with her.

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