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I pulled the towel from my head, running my hand through my damp hair, as all my hair fell back into place.

I was in my room, about to go to Alec's for bed.

I changed into one of his t shirts and a pair of sweats, standing in front of my mirror, the minty taste in my mouth from the toothpaste making my mouth cold as I breathed in.

My finger ran along my bottom lip as I spread the lip balm on it, until I heard my door open.

I don't even bother to look back, my eyes falling onto Alec through the mirror who walked in, his hair a mess, sticking up in different ways, a zip up hoodie that he had his hands in the pockets, wearing sweats and barefoot.

Before I could turn around, Alec walked behind me, scooping me up in his arms, walking out of the room, shutting my light off and closing my door behind me, walking down the hall.

I was caught off guard, "Alec?-"

A tired expression was planted on his face permanently, as he walks into his room, kicking the door close, darkness present in the room but the moonlight coming from his window being enough for him and I to make out everything in the room.

Alec practically tosses me onto the bed before falling face fist into the mattress, moving all the way up, unzipping his hoodie, tossing it blindly to the side, as it perfectly landed on a chair, laying on his side, wrapping his arms around me, laying his head on my chest.

I ran a hand through his messy hair, fixing it, "Are you- okay?"

"I accidentally fell asleep while you were in the shower and I woke up without you, and I got sad." Alec's voice was raspy from just waiting up and still lingering to sleep, holding me tighter, nuzzling his face into me.

"I don't know if I should hold you or tease you about being a softie." I looked down at him, continuing to fix his hair.

Alec's cheek rubs against my shirt as he looked up at me, "I like the first option a lot."

I bite my bottom lip to hold back a smile as it slips out from underneath my teeth when I lean in to kiss him.

Alec presses his lips into mine for a few seconds, before pulling away, his eyes diverted towards the strand of hair that fell from behind my ear, "Your hair smells really good."

My eyes squint in confusion, not knowing if I should thank him for saying that or not.

"What shampoo do you use?" He asked, taking another whiff of the scent, "It smells great-"

"It's something Magnus brews for me." I shrug lightly, "I showered at his place once and his shampoo was so much better than what we have here so whenever I run out, he brews me a bottle."

"Can you ask him if he can brew me a bottle?" Alec now moved up and had his face nuzzled into my damp hair, repeatedly just enjoying the scent.

"Alec, stop sniffing my head!" I playfully shove him away, turning away and reaching for his nightstand, grabbing his stele.

I lay on my back again, lifting my shirt a little, running the stele over my Iratze, the pain in my jaw disappearing.

Alec's eyebrows furrowed, "What hurt?"

I place his stele back on the nightstand, "My jaw."

The slightly concerned look faded from Alec's face, a small smirk forming on his lips as he simply wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him.

I hid my face in his bare shoulder, keeping my slightly embarrassed face hidden.


"Hey-" I walked over to Alec and Isabelle, fixing the sleeve of my shirt, giving Alec a side hug, pressing my lips into his in a small short kiss, "I heard Max is on his way."

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