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I laid on my stomach, flipping another page of the book I was reading that morning, the sun shining in Alec's room as he laid asleep next to me.

I was dressed in beige off the shoulder sweater as it was loosely tucked into my belted ripped jeans, my boots laying on the ground a few feet away from the bed.

I held Alec's hand, my gaze focusing on the words of the book that laid in front of me while I was propped on my elbows, my legs folded up as my socked feet dangled in the air.

Alec turns away from me, instantly pulling up his free hand when he's awoken by the shining sunlight, covering his squinting eyes.

He groans lightly and turns onto his back, his eyes falling onto me, pulling his body up lightly so he can turn to face me.

Alec turns on his side facing me, nuzzling his face into the pillow, "Good morning."

"Morning." I leaned over and pecked my lips against his, "It's about time you woke up."

Alec's eyebrows furrow, "It's early."

"Honey, it's noon." I almost laughed, kissing his cheek, my free hand resting on my book to make sure I didn't lose where I was while looking at him.

Alec squeezed my hand that he hadn't let go of, "You're reading?"

"I'm reading because I've been waiting for you to wake up so I can draw on you." I mark my page and placed my book on his nightstand, grabbing a pen, rolling into his embrace.

Alec's arm wraps around me as I did this, as I laid against his bare chest, my back to it, "You wanted to draw on me?"

"Yes, and I was afraid that if I started drawing on you while you were asleep, you would wake up." I popped the top off with my teeth, blowing it onto the bed, and began writing my name in tiny connected letters on his wrist.

Alec watched me in admiration, "It's always something different with you."

"That's what keeps it interesting." I traced over the small sketch of my name I did, running over the three letters, when moves his hand, almost making me mess up, "Stop moving!"

Alec's hand stayed still, as he nuzzled his face into my neck, his soft messy hair tickling my face.

"There." I ran over it once more and placed the pen down, "You've been marked."

Alec wraps that arm around me, holding me close, his eyes falling onto my name, "I like it."

"I have the exact same sketch in my sketch book." I began to get up.

Alec held me tighter and didn't let me move, "I was hoping we could stay in for a while."

"Alec, it's noon!" I let myself relax in his arms, wrapping my arms around him, "You're Head of the Institute."

"And everyone has their duties since really late last night- no one's gonna need me for a little while." Alec held me closer, "Please?"

"No- no-" I roll on top of him, "If you don't get up right now, I'm going to roll off this bed and take you with me."

The blanket was already wrapped around the both of us as I laid on Alec, him pressing his lips into mine for a moment, "You won't."

"Don't doubt me!" I turn off the bed, the both of us hitting the ground with a thud, rolling into the middle of the room.

"You know what- that's completely fine." Alec lays on me, leaning his head against my chest, "We can lay here all day."

I stare at him in complete disbelief, and couldn't help the smile on my lips as he stared at me with the same exact smile playing on his.

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