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"Zee- hey." Jace greeted me when I came down to him after meeting with the Silent Brothers, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." My expression was blank as he held my jacket up for me, my arms slipping through the arms, "I didn't feel a thing-"

"Good- that's good." Jace nodded lightly, "What'd they do to you?"

"Nothing- absolutely nothing." I crossed my arms, "The demonic tether that binds me to Jonathan is stronger than anything they've ever seen before- so they couldn't do anything."

"Okay- well, look." Jace sighed lightly, shaking his head, "It doesn't mean we're out of options."

I shot him a look, "Jace, come on."

"Look, you- you saw that illustration with me." Jace mentioned, "Michael separated himself from Lucifer- that means there has to be a way."

I stare at him, "Well, why not go right to the source?"

Jace blinks, "Are you talking about Lilith?"

"Yeah, why not?" I shrug lightly, "She gave me the rune- she bound to know how to remove it."

"No- no," Jace shook his head immediately, "Look, we just got rid of her, and it almost cost you your life-"

"Jace, do we have any other options here?" I ran my hands through my hair, "I mean- I don't know what else to do- we're back at square one-"

Jace denied again, "We'll figure something out-"

"Jace, I need answers." I looked helpless, staring at my best friend, "I'm trying so hard to stay intact with myself, but this rune- I can feel the darkness inside of me, Jace- and after all my little- outbursts- I know it's pulling me in, and- I- I don't know if I can stop it-"

"Hey, hey, hey-" Jace put his hands on my shoulders, staring right into my eyes, "Listen to me-"

I began, "Jace-"

"You are a good person." Jace made himself clear, "And there is no rune that's gonna change that." 


"Catarina- you have to do something-" I heard Alec's panicked voice from the office when Jace and I had arrived back, "He's not breathing-"

Isabelle's voice followed his, "By the Angel!-"

"What's happening?" I walked into the office, my eyes landing on Magnus on the ground, bleeding and unconscious, my heart dropping and my voice breaking almost immediately, "Magnus?-"

Jace's expression dropped, "Magnus-"

"Hey, hey-" Alec quickly got in front of me, his hands on my arms, keeping me shielded from Catarina and Magnus so I didn't see, "Come on, let's step out- he's gonna be fine-"

"Magnus-" I tried to push past Alec, tears burning in my eyes, my hands gripping Alec's arm, as he held my waist trying to pull me back, "Oh my god- Magnus!"

"Come on, Magnus!" Catarina tried to bring Magnus back to us, "Hang in there!"

My hand slapped over my mouth, tears falling from my eyes as they were glued to what was happening, a small sob leaving my lips as Alec pulled me out the room, as I no longer fought in his grip.


I stared at Magnus, seated next to him at the Infirmary, where he laid unconscious, looking worse than I had ever seen him.

"Hey-" My voice was a whisper, tears streaming down my cheeks, as I slowly grabbed Magnus' limp hand, "I- don't know if you can hear me- but, uhm- I- I miss you."

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