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"What happened?" Magnus threw open his doors, as we walked through his apartment, Clary and I trying to hold Luke's weak body up.

"He was attacked-" I sniffle, "He needs a warlock-"

"He needs you." Clary follows after my sentence.

Magnus places a sheet on his couch, "Put him here-"

"Where are you?" Luke calls out, "I can't find you."

He was in some sort of trance, as we tried out best to hold him down, "Clary's the key?- You want me to unlock her? To save you- to stop Valentine? Wait! Jocelyn! Jocelyn-"

"No, Luke, it's Clary." Clary held his face, "Can you hear me?"

"Clary- you and Zee need to know-" Luke reaches out for her.

"I'm here- I'm right here." She grabbed his hand.

"Listen- you have to listen to me." Luke weakly spoke, "I have to tell you, just in case-"

"Stop it- don't say it." I stop him, crossing my arms.

"No, listen to me." Luke shook his head, I open my mouth to say something but he beats me too it, "No, you need to know!"

"Was he bitten by an alpha?" Magnus questions.

"Yeah, why?" Simon looks up.

"Three, two, one-" Magnus counts down, Luke letting out a gasp, his eyes flashing green.

I gasp, Magnus walking away, Simon looking up, "Where do you think you're going?"

"Hold him down." Magnus orders, "We don't have a lot of time. It'll take a few moments to take effect."

"What's happening to him?" I question, helping hold Luke down.

"Random werewolf transformation." Magnus told me, putting a piece of bark in Luke's mouth, "It's a side effect of the poison in the alpha bite."


"Hey-" Simon Lewis' voice fills my ears, my head snapping up, my eyes landing on him, "You okay?"

"Shouldn't you be checking on Clary?-" I avoid his question, pulling off my jacket, my eyes scanning my white t shirt that was stained with Luke's blood.

"She's a little occupied with Luke, right now-" Simon fixed his glasses, "I know how much he means to her- and I have a feeling that he means just as much to you."

"Simon-" I looked at him, "I don't need this- talk out of pity-"

"Well- you're going to get it- you've always been like an older sister to me- so, I'm going to give you that talk." He shot back at me, looking down at me.

I place my jacket down, crossing my arms, staring at him, holding back the tears in my eyes.

"I know- you guys have the whole- emotions cloud your judgement thing- to control your feelings-" Simon inhaled, "But- knowing Luke is family to you- it's okay to- let it all out."

I looked away, "I don't have anything to let out."

"Really?" Simon stared at me, "Because- the tears in your eyes beg to differ."

My eyes snap back at his, a look of annoyance crossing my face.

"I get a good vibe from this Magnus Bane guy." Simon gave me a hopeful smile, "He seems like he knows what he's doing."

"That's because he does, Simon." I purse my lips into a small smile, "Thanks."

Simon smiles, Magnus walking in with a few things in his hands, "The bark will stop the transformation for now, but Luke needs an antidote to stop the poison in his system- and I don't have all the ingredients here."

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