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"Zee, ow-" Alec hissed as I began pulling off the face mask from his face, seated on top of him on his bed where he laid, "That hurts-"

"Are you kidding me?" I stopped, placing my hands on his chest, "Badass Shadowhunter that kills demons and fought Circle members can't handle a peel off face mask?"

"I don't know how you got yours off so easily!" Alec points out to my face mask cleared face, "This might be the most pain I've ever been in."

"I knew there was a little girl in there waiting to jump out." I poked him, putting the strands of my hair behind my ear that had fell out of my messy bun, "Come on, let me take the rest off-"

"No!" Alec grabs my wrists, "You love me."

I stare at him, "I do."

"Which means you can't put me in that type of pain." Alec tried to persuade, "It's unbearable."

"Unbearable?" I bursted out laughing, "It'll be over in two seconds!"

"Two seconds that'll be the most painful two seconds of my entire life." Alec points at me, still holding my wrists, "I can't believe I let you put this stuff on me."

"Alec, you'll be fine-" I reached for the facemask, "One of the many perks of being a Shadowhunter is having an Iratze, remember?"

Alec's eyes began to widen as he gently kept my wrists back, "Zee, I will never talk to you ever again if you-"

I pushed through and grabbed the face mask, ripping it all off his face all together, cutting him off.

Alec lets out a squeak in pain, grabbing me and rolling me onto my back, burning his face into my stomach as he groaned.

"Alec!" I started laughing, tossing the face mask into the garbage can by the bed.

Alec doesn't reply, keeping his face buried in my stomach, my eyebrows furrowing.

I poked him, "Did I kill you?"

Alec looks up at me, his lips pursed, as he simply nodded his head yes, confirming.

"Ah, this is you not talking to me because I ripped the face mask off." I pointed at him in realization.

Alec nods again.

"Okay-" I got up, slipping away from him, walking over to the mirror and taking my hair out of its messy bun.

Alec's eyebrows furrow, as he got up as well, coming behind me and wrapping his arms around me.

"Nuh uh-" I slip away from him, smiling as I backed up, "You don't get comfort if you're not talking to me."

Alec grabs my hands and pulls me into him, giving me a innocent smile, as I shook my head and backed up, "Nope."

"Zee!" Alec broke and throws me over his shoulder, as I squealed, kicking my legs around.

I hung from him, "Alec!"

Alec began to spin, "I'll not putting you down unless you hold me when we go to bed."

I hugged his middle, "Promise you'll talk to me."

Alec shot back, "Promise you'll hold me."

"I promise!" I blurt, kicking my legs, "Put me down, I'm not used to this height!"

Alec pulls me off his shoulder and plops onto the bed with me, holding onto me tightly, a wide smile on my lips.


"There you are!" Magnus said when him and I walked into the armory where Isabelle and Alec were, "Good news: the Core is off the ley line grid and free of demonic corruption."

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