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"Why do you always let me oversleep?" I asked my boyfriend when I had woken up to see him buttoning up his shirt in the mirror in our bedroom, rolling onto my stomach, "I have a job too, ya know-"

"Well- yes." Alec walked toward me, leaning down and kissed my temple, "But- I don't like disturbing you-"

"Why, 'cause when I'm asleep is the most calm me you'll ever get?" I playfully teased, then grabbed his face with one hand and caress his cheek, "I'm sorry-"

"No, no-" Alec kissed my forehead, before ruffling my hair, "I just want you to be able to get as much sleep as you can- especially since it takes you so long to fall asleep at night."

"You're sweet." I softly smiled, before sitting up, pulling down his shirt that had ridden up my body, then getting up and walking towards the mirror.

"So, I was thinking we could have dinner tonight, on the balcony, view of the city-" Alec walked away behind me and hugged me from behind, "The head chef can prepare something special-"

"You're asking me out of a date- when I haven't even showered yet?" I looked at him, "I look appealing enough to you right now to ask me out?"

Alec smiles at me lightly, "Absolutely gorgeous."

I shot him a playful look, before crossing my arm, "May I ask what the occasion is?"

"There's no occasion-" Alec had me face him, shrugging, "I just thought it would be nice."

"Nice." I repeated, "Just out of the blue?"

"What?" Alec rubbed my sides, softly smiling, "I can't do something nice with my girlfriend?"

"You're always doing something nice- but, not this nice-" I push some hair out of his face.

Alec squints his eyes, "There'll be Tiramisu."

"Alright, you've won me over." I gave in.

"Alright- alright, okay-" Alec smiles lightly, then pecks my lips repeatedly, "I'll see you- tonight at eight o'clock!"

"I- okay-" I called out after him when he rushes out the room, leaving me alone in our apartment.


"Hey, my love-" I walked down to the sub-cells with Jace, joining Alec in front of Jonathan's cell, "Did he say anything yet?"

"No." Alec lightly shook his head in response, kissing my temple to greet me, "Underhill's been questioning him about the Morning Star sword, but he refuses to speak to anyone- except you."

I looked at him, "Well then- let me in."

"Zee, if you get any closer to him, you're only gonna strengthen his power over you." Jace cuts in.

"As long as I have my family- he won't get to me." I assure them, Alec giving me a hesitant look, "I'll be alright-"

Alec sighs, nodding lightly as I walked into the cell, Jonathan's eyes fixed on me when they took off the gag, leaving me alone with him.

I don't say anything, just staring.

"Don't worry." He breaks the silence, "I won't bite."

"Let's not do this, alright?" I swallowed hard and stared at him, "Just tell me where the Morning Star sword is-"

He tilts his head, "I missed you too."

"Jonathan." I was stern, "Where is the sword?"

"It doesn't take a genius to figure that it's capable of opening a rift into Edom- is that why you want it?" I crossed my arms, "To release demons into our realm?"

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