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"What the hell did you just do?" I immediately questioned after the apartment was erupting in rumbles, staring at Jonathan.

Jonathan breathed out when the rumbling stopped, "Just a little change of locale."

I walked past him and to the balcony, swinging open the doors, my eyes immediately landing on the Eiffel Tower, my expression dropping.

"What's wrong?" Jonathan came to my side, looking at me, "You're in Paris- I thought you'd be happy."

"Why on earth would I be happy?" I looked at him, "Alec's dead. Simon's- dead- and I'm tied to you for the rest of my life."

"I take it you're afraid of our little bond." Jonathan eyed me, "I forgive you for trying to kill me, by the way."

"I'd do it again if I wasn't killing myself in the process." I walked back into the apartment, "If one of us gets hurt, the other does too."

"That appears to be the case." Jonathan followed me, "If we can't be enemies, perhaps we'll be allies."

I stare at him, "You're joking, right?"

"We never got a chance to know each other." Jonathan mentioned, "And what better place than Paris? Home of Renoir, Matisse, Van Gogh and now? Morgenstern."

"My last name is Young." I snipped at him, my eyes glued to him, "This whole- brother sister bonding you have planned- it won't last very long- my Institute will find me- how idiotic do you have to be to forget I have a parabatai that can track me down?"

"A parabatai that can no longer feel you alive, or see your parabatai rune-" Jonathan leaned against the wall, his arms crossed, smirking at little, "Lilith cooked a little something up just for that reason before she sent us to Siberia."

"And," Jonathan adds in, "If you think you can just- portal yourself back to New York- the potion is just as powerful to stop your ability as it is to make it seem like you're dead."

I covered my face, "God damn it-"

"Look- you're a great artist, Zee." Jonathan recognized, changing the subject, "I admire that."

I scoff, "Oh, shut it, will you?-"

"I'm gonna go get us some food." Jonathan suggests, "How about I pick up some art supplies, and you can show me how you work?-"

I thought fast, "Wait, Jonathan-"

"Take me with you." I said when he stopped, "If you really wanna get to know me, you can't keep me locked up in here- how do you expect me to open up when you're holding me hostage?"

Jonathan took a step, "I'm afraid it's not that simple."

"How isn't it? I mean- I can't hurt you, because if I do- I'll hurt myself." I stated the obvious and took a step closer to him, "What am I gonna do- run away?"

Jonathan stares at me, scanning my expression, "How can I be sure you're telling me the truth?"

"You can't." I cross my arms, lightly shrugging, "You're just gonna have to trust me."

I just needed to get the hell out of this apartment.

I needed to find a way back to New York.

I needed to get my runes to work.

Jonathan spoke, "Does that mean that you trust me?"

"Slow down." I held my palm out, "All I'm saying is- maybe I do owe you a chance."


Jonathan opened the closet, revealing many clothes, "See what you can find-"

"Not much my liking-" My hands touched the sequins of a dress, "These are all so- sparkly."

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