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"Jace-" I ran into Jace's room dressed in just sweatpants and a cropped t shirt, where he stood with Clary, "I need you."

Jace looks at me, "What's up, shorty?"

I roll my eyes at the nickname, "The mundie's leaving- Iz and I tried to stop him but he won't listen to us."

"Simon?" Clary walks over to me, "He can't leave."

"He can and he is." I place my hands on my hips, "Unless you wanna tie him down and restrain him?"

"He wouldn't listen to you anyway- I have to stop him." Clary rushes past me and out the room.

I roll my eyes, looking at Jace.

"After this-" Jace places a hand on my back and leads me into the elevator, "You go wake Alec and i'll wake Hodge. We might have a lead on the Mortal Cup."

"Got it." I cross my arms.

"How can one mundane be such a pain in my ass?" Jace mutters as the elevator opens, us walking over and blocking the hall that lead to the entrance.

"Yes, you can, it's-" Simon stammers, talking to Clary, "It's not safe here."

"In fact, this is the safest place she could possibly be." Jace crosses his arms.

"Simon-" I looked at him, "She's best where she is."

"You don't get to talk to me, Captain America." Simon points and then looks at Clary, "The cold blooded killer and your hot sister aren't going to make me stay!"

I put my hands up in surrender, "I get it- you think I'm hot."

Jace nudges me, then looks at Simon, "Considering I'm the guy with the weapons, I get to say what I want."

"Okay, come at me, bro!" Simon was ready to start a fight.

"Oh, yeah?" Jace said only in humor.

"Yeah!" Simon reached to shove him.

I came between them, "Stop! Simon- what is your problem?"

"He's my problem!" Simon points at Jace and looks at me, "He's just like Kirk Duplesse from high school."

I stare at him, "What?"

"Do you remember him?" Simon questions, "Total jerk with the square jaw. Smelled like body spray, always bullying people. Why don't you do your own homework? Just once, yeah?-"

"Simon- calm down." I put hands out, wanting him to back away.

"I can take care of myself." Simon stares at me then shoved past me, heading towards the entrance.

Jace looks at Clary, "Neither of us are going to save his ass a second time-"

"Really, Jace?" Clary scoffs, rushing after her friend, "Simon!"

"I'm gonna go wake Alec-" I pat Jace's arm and walk over, heading up the steps and down the hall, quietly entering Alec's room.

Alec was laying in bed, his eyes closed, his breathing slow, his mouth slightly open. His hair was a mess, he was shirtless, and his blanket covered half of his body.

I couldn't help but smile, feeling some sort of rush the minute I had laid eyes on him.

There was a mixed rush of thrill and nervousness, the feeling in my chest increasing with every moment I spent in there.

And I had no idea why I felt like this.

I went over and sat on the side of his bed, running a hand through my messy hair, watching him for a moment.

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