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"Magnus, you told me yourself that it's been hundreds of years since you banished your father." I watched him put the dark sand on the ground in a star shape, "What makes you think he'll even listen?"

Magnus looks up at me for a second, inhaling deeply, "Let's just say he owes me one."

I mention, "For what happened with your mother?"

"That and for everything in the years that followed." Magnus exhales, "I was living on the streets- I didn't know who or what I was."

"Asmodeus took me in." Magnus then said, "Nurtured my darker impulses- and taught me the "proper" way to be a warlock."

I crouched by him, "Why'd you listen?"

"Because he was the only one in the world with eyes like me." Magnus looked at me, "He was my father."

When Magnus continued filling in the pentagram, I exhale deeply, "Look, at least give me a few minutes to call in back-up from the Institute-"

Magnus looks at me with a light smile, "Putting your new Head of the Institute position to use?"

"Maybe." I slowly stood back up, "But, listen- we don't even have Lilith under control- if another Greater Demon gets loose, it could put the whole city at risk- and- Alec would probably kill me."

Magnus stood up and set the little bottle down, "Fortunately for the good people of New York, my father won't be traveling top-side."

I stare at him in suspicion, my eyes lightly squinted, "What aren't you telling me?"

"This pentagram isn't for summoning Asmodeus to Earth, it's for sending someone to Edom." Magnus gestured to it, "In this case, me."

"Magnus-" My eyes widen lightly at his words, "There is no way in hell I'm letting you do that-"

"We need my father's help." Magnus shot back at me, "And the cell service down there is terrible-"

I walked over to him, "Magnus, this isn't funny-"

Magnus faces me, "Would you prefer I act as terrified as I feel right now?"

"Let me go with you." I argued, putting a strand of my hair behind my ear, "I can help-"

"Biscuit, the moment you step foot in Edom, you'll die, and you know that-" Magnus looked at me.

"We can figure something out, I'm not letting you go through that alone-" I tried to persuade him, "This is absolutely insane-"

"Do you even know how insane you sound right now?" Magnus turned it on me, "You're not coming with me, biscuit-"

"Do you even know how insane you sound right now?" I turned it back on him, "You're not going- to Edom- by yourself- alone, without any backup-"

"Tell me Jace isn't worth it." Magnus stares down at me when I had opened my mouth to argue back, but I couldn't.

Because Jace was worth it.

He was worth all of it.

I swallowed, "You can't use that against me-"

Magnus sighs at me, wrapping an arm around me and pulling me into his chest, kissing my head as he had knew I had no argument left after he had said that, "Let's get this over with."

Magnus snapped his fingers, moving them around as a gust of magic erupted from his fingers, flames bursting on the pentagram.

"You're gonna make it back." I quickly blurted our, grabbing Magnus' arm before he had stepped in, "You're gonna make it back home, you hear me?"

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