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"Magnus-" I quietly call out for him, my eyes glued to the ground as I was seated in a chair; in deep thought, being the only one in his living with him.

Interruptions were made during my time with Alec; Maryse had called him.

As he was on the phone, I didn't blurt out an excuse, I only quickly left, and decided to stay with Magnus for a bit.

Everything about Alec was running through my mind.

And I was just confused.

I was confused on why I acted on the weird feeling I felt.

Magnus' eyebrow raises, "What is it, biscuit?"

My eyes slowly connect with his, the words hesitantly slipping out of my mouth, "What does love feel like?"

"What does love feel like?" Magnus repeats, sipping his cocktail, "Why would you want to know that, biscuit?"

"Because- I don't know." I got up, taking a few steps closer to him, my voice quieting down, "Alec and I kissed-"

"So- the cocktails did their job?" Magnus jokes, shooting me a cheeky smile.

"Magnus-" I stood in front of him.

"I mean- I was just went for it- and I don't know why- and then he actually- kissed back- and then I felt like-" I held up both my hands, gesturing them as if I was showing in visual presentation what had happened, my hands colliding as I mimic the sound of an explosion, "And I don't know how I feel because I've never actually felt like this before and it's freaking me out."

I began to ramble, "And- I thought I'd ask you- because you're a warlock and have been living for centuries- you're experienced in this kind of thing."

"Biscuit-" Magnus stops me, noticing how rushed and nervous I was, "Do you need another drink?"

My mentally face palm, "Magnus, my tolerance does not match yours."

"Well-" Magnus inhales sharply, sitting down on the couch, "Love is based on how you feel- emotions. Emotions- are like symptoms. For example- you lose your breath when they enter a room, your heart beats faster when they're close to you- you feel like you're in an endless trance when you make eye contact with them."

Only one person came to my mind that fit all of that criteria.


And I didn't know how that made me feel.

Clary walks over to us, "I know where the Cup is."

Jace appeared out of no where, "Come again?"

"The tarot cards." Clary went in depth, "My mom, she must have painted them years ago, but the Mortal Cup has to be hidden inside the Ace of Cups. The card looks exactly like it."

I shot Magnus and Jace a look, as they stared at me, thinking exactly what I was thinking.

"Wait, why aren't you guys happy about this?" Clary questions, "All we have to do is find- Dot."

"If Dot had the cards when she was taken, we don't have much time." Jace exhales, "If Valentine gets his hands on the Cup-"

"We know." Magnus stops him, "If Valentine started creating Shadowhunters or gained control of demons, it'd be like Beyonce riding on a dinosaur through Times Square. People would notice."

"But he can control demons." Clary spoke, "I've seen it."

Magnus hums, "Paying off a few demons is easy, especially since they rarely survive long enough to collect."

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