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My hand ran through Alec's hair over and over as I played with it, his head on my lap.

We were on the little couch on the side of my room, my elbow leaning against the arm rest, my head resting against my fist, Alec laid across the couch.

His hair was soft and I loved how calm he got when I played with his hair.

He had fallen asleep on my lap once again, exhausted from the day but I didn't mind.

It was adorable seeing him so at peace when he was asleep.

When his quiet snores disappear, my eyes fell onto him, noticing his eyes slowly opening.

His voice was raspy and quiet, "Hi-"

"Enjoy your nap?" I lean down and kiss his forehead, my hand moving from his hair to hold his face.

"You know- that is the best thing to wake up to?" Alec softly mumbles, as I gave him a weak smile, as we shared a small kiss.

I sat back up, leaning my head against my fist once more, beginning to run my hand through his hair again.

Alec observed my features, "Are you okay?"

I pause for a moment, my eyes locking with his soft ones, "I'm fine- why?"

"You haven't been eating breakfast and I've woken up to an empty bed three times." Alec confronts me, "You have bags under your eyes."

"Alec, I'm okay." I ran my hand through his hair again, "Don't worry about me."

Alec sighs deeply, muttering to himself, "You're the only thing I ever think about."


"Hey-" I walked over to Jace, Clary and Alec in the Ops Center, pushing myself onto my tippy toes and kissing Alec's cheek, "What'd I miss?"

Alec looked down when a slight rose color raises upon his cheeks, "Azazel's attacks go as far south as the meat-packing district- and then the trail goes cold."

"It's no use just tracking the dead bodies." Jace sighs deeply, "With his ability to dematerialize, he could be anywhere."

"Maybe we can help." Isabelle walks over to us, and I don't waste time to rush over to the other side of the table and throw my arms around her.

"Iz!" I held onto her tightly, "I'd be so mad at you right now if I wasn't happy that you're back-"

"I missed you too." Isabelle hugged back tighter, and at this point I didn't want to let go of my parabatai.

"We've been so worried about you." Clary rubs Isabelle's back as we held each other longer, "Where have you been?"

"Looking for Azazel." Isabelle inhales sharply, Alec and I trading looks.

When I pulled away from the hug, that was when I noticed a tall blond standing next to Isabelle, "Who are you?"

"This is Sebastian Verlac, from the London Institute." Isabelle introduces him, "When the demon came after me, Sebastian saved my life."

Sebastian's British accent was thick when he spoke, catching me off guard, "Oh, I simply lent a hand."

Isabelle inhales sharply, "Sebastian's an expert on all things Azazel."

Sebastian nods, looking between us but his eyes kept falling onto me, "When I studied abroad at the Paris Institute, I specialized in greater demons."

"Thanks for saving my sister." Alec reaches for a handshake, as Sebastian gladly accepted it, "I'm Alec."

"Yeah, thank you." Jace agreed and shook his hand also, "I'm Jace."

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