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Isabelle finally joins Alec, Isabelle, Clary, Sebastian and I in the Ops Center, "Sorry I'm late, I've been looking everywhere for Max- has anyone seen him?"

"Have you tried the armory?" Jace suggested, "He's probably sharpening his blades for his first assignment."

Isabelle sighs, "I checked."

"We have more pressing matters." Alec interjects, "Thanks to Dot's help, we now have the Mortal Mirror."

Sebastian slowly nods, "And you have it at the Institute, and it's well-guarded, I presume?"

"The Elite Guards are the only ones who know its location." Alec doesn't even glance at him, "It's safest that way."

"Jonathan went after Elliot and Dot to get the mirror." Clary reminded us, "Now that he knows we have it, he's going to come back for it."

"Agreed." Alec nods, "Report back with any possible scenarios by which Jonathan and Valentine could attempt a breach."

Jace, Sebastian and Clary walk away, but I stood still, not having said anything.

Isabelle places a hand on my back, "Is everything okay?"

I could feel Alec's stare on me, already know what was wrong and what had happened.

Isabelle's eyes were glued to me and I knew she figured out part of why I was upset, "You told Magnus about the Soul Sword, didn't you?"

My eyes linger with hers, as I slipped from her embrace immediately, walking away from Alec and Isabelle.

Isabelle chases after me, "Zee!-"

I kept walking, as she catches up to me, "I'm sure he'll understand-"

"What is there to understand, Iz?" I walked towards my room, "I betrayed him and now he's hurt, he won't even speak to me."

"I know it seems bad now, but- Magnus loves you." Isabelle continued, "You two will make up soon- he just needs some time, that's all."

"And so do I, okay?" I snipped rudely, stopping to look at her and when I see the look on her face, I sigh in guilt, "I'm sorry- I just-"

"I get it." Isabelle grabbed my hands and squeezed them, "You don't have to apologize."

I sigh and hugged my parabatai tightly, "I love you."

"I love you more." Isabelle rubs my back, holding me, "I'm here for you, okay? If you keep bottling things up, and you're gonna explode- and it won't be the fun kind."

"Noted." I slowly pulled away from her, giving up a small smile as she returned the gesture and turned, beginning to walk away.

I turned, walking towards my room when I notice the trail of blood leading into the closed room.

"Isabelle-" I called out of her, my eyes glued to the blood as she stopped when she heard me.

She walks back over and notices the blood as well, as we exchanged looks.

Slowly, we both inched toward my room and opened the door wide, our gaze falling on the first thing we saw.

Max, on the ground, unconscious and bleeding.

"Oh, God!" Isabelle immediately gasped at the sight of her brother, as we both rushed to him, falling onto our knees.

"Max!" I shook him lightly, worry building within me intensely, "Max, can you hear me?"

Isabelle lets out a small scream, "Someone get a medic!"


"Zee and I tried using an Iratze rune to wake him, but nothing's working." Isabelle told the medic who was working on Max, her arms crossed, the same worry striking in her eyes as they did in mine.

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