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I sat on the table in the Ops Center, as I waited for Alec and Isabelle with Jace.

My dark hair was straight, ending at the end of my shoulders, my tan skin hid under all the black I wore. I was dressed in my usual attire, black being the only color in this outfit that consisted of ripped jeans, a t shirt tucked in, a leather jacket over it all, heeled ankle boots on my feet.

My finger blended out the charcoal in the drawing I had drew, this being the finishing touches.

Jace looks over my shoulder, noticing the drawing on him on the page, "Lookin' good-"

I looked at him, as he shot me a playful look.

I playfully shove his face away gently, letting out a gentle laugh as he winks platonically, walking over to the huge screen.

"We're ready, guys." Isabelle walks over to us with Alec, holding a platinum wig.

"Nice choice, Izzy." Jace glances at the wig, "Demons dig blondes."

Isabelle looks at Alec, "Told you."

"Are you guys color blind?" I close my sketch book, standing up, pointing at Jace's hair, "You're blond. That's platinum."

"Thank you-" Alec agreed with me, "It's platinum."

Jace turns, leading us towards the training room, "All right, guys, for some reason our demon friends are killing mundanes and draining their blood."

"Why do they want blood?" Alec questions, "Isn't that vampire territory?"

"I don't know, Alec." Jace steps up the stairs and towards the weapons safe, "Lazy vampires, maybe?"

Isabelle sighs, "There must be something special about their blood."

I looked at Isabelle, "What could be special about mundane blood?"

"You get me a sample and I'll tell you exactly what they're looking for." Isabelle says, Jace handing us all seraph blades.

"I have no doubt." I readjust my grip on my blade.

"We'll have more answers when we figure out exactly who the demons are working for." Jace closes the safe, walking down the steps.

I follow him, "So, you don't think they're acting on their own?"

"No." Jace answers me.

"They're not exactly creative thinkers, they're shapeshifters." Alec remarks, as we followed Jace back into the Ops Center.

"This is what our target looks like." Jace pulls up a man on the screen.

Isabelle corrects him, "For now."

"Great." Alec said, "I'll get approval for the mission."

"Come on, Alec." Jace walks towards the entrance as we all followed him, "By the time you've sent that message, we'll have killed six demons."

"I mean- he's not wrong." I looked at Alec, "Besides, it's more fun to break the rules than to follow them."

Alec shoots me a small smile, looking away, before following us all out.


"Jace!" I call out for him, seeing that he was talking to some girl outside of the Pandemonium, a girl I couldn't make out from where I was standing.

Jace turns at the sound of my voice, giving the girl one last look before running in and over to Alec, Izzy and I, our eyes on what was our new target.

After our target had changed his appearance, our eyes were now on a woman in a hot pink dress, freakishly tall in my opinion.

"More mundane blood for your boss." She traded blood with someone, getting something in return, moving through the crowd.

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