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"No!" I unintentionally shout when Jace climbed up the walls of a building, going for the roof.

I took a step after him, realizing that I was still in heels, a fog of magic appearing around my feet, my heels turning into my normal boots.

I looked back at Magnus who was nodding towards me, as I rushed after Jace, reaching the roof right as he was looking around, trying to find a way to flee.

"Jace!" I called out to him as he spun at the sound of my voice, his teeth clenching and gritting.

He looked so sick.

Jace inched closer to me, as I held my kindjals tight in my hands, "Jace, I won't hurt you."

Jace practically growled at me, his fist flying for my face as I quickly dodged it, elbowing him in defense, trying my best to avoid using my kindjals.

That wasn't much of a problem, as Jace had quickly knocked both kindjals out of my hands, spinning me, my back hitting his chest as he had his arm around my neck, one on my head as he went to snap my neck and kill me.

I grunted and elbowed him in the face, pushing him back and spinning kicking him his jaw right after, breathing heavily.

I went to punch him, but he quickly grabbed my wrist and pulled my arm wide, punching my ribs with full force, as I stumbled back.

I groaned when his foot came in contact with my stomach, making me fall back.

My hands were firm on the ground as I forced myself up, throwing punches at him, literally out a small shriek when he grabbed my arm and twists it, using this to his advantage as he punched me a few times.

I grunted, using my foot to kick him back letting myself free, spin kicking to knock him off his feet but he quickly jumped up on the ledge, grabbing me by my neck.

A small gasp left my lips at the lack of oxygen I was suddenly getting, as he lifted me off my feet and over the ledge.

"Jace, I know you're in there-" I put my hands over his, "This isn't you."

Jace stares into my eyes and only tightened his grip.

"I'm so sorry I did this to you." I croaked out, guilt filling within me, "This is all my fault."

Jace wickedly smiled, practically laughing in my face, holding me further over the ledge.

"I forgive you, I forgive you!" I quickly said, my hands loosening around his, my voice going quieter, "If you kill me tonight, I forgive you."

Jace stopped moving for a second, just looking at me, his stare only make me feel even more terrible.

I urged, trying to get through to my best friend one last time, "Jace, I love you- so much."

Jace suddenly pulled me into him, my face inches away from his, his grip tightening around my neck, "I don't love you, not anymore."

"Jace, no!" Alec's shout was suddenly heard when Jace pulled me back over the ledge, looking back at his parabatai.

He followed to back me.

Jace smirked at Alec, before his grip loosened on my neck, letting me drop.

I stared at the dark sky, feeling myself fall.

My back hit the roof of a car, immediate pain striking through my body at the force, breaking all the windows and leaping into the sky, falling onto me.

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