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My hand let go of the arrow, the arrow landing not even close to the bullseye I was aiming for.

I had borrowed Alec's bow and arrow, and was practicing in the training room alone, because I had always been fascinated on how he did it.

The next one I had missed completely, and also shot at Alec's head when he walked in, "Wow-"

"Oh my god!" I blurt out, almost dropping the bow, "I'm so sorry- I didn't mean to almost- kill you-"

"It's all right-" Alec stood for a second, before walking towards me, a hint of a smile on his face, "So- that's where my bow and quiver went? I just had to take down a ton of Shax demons with my seraph blade because I had no idea where my bow and quiver went."

"Uh-" I trail off, my eyes shifting to the quiver filled with arrows resting on the table, the bow in my hand, as I stood a few feet away from the targets set up, "I might've- borrowed it."

"And how's the borrowing going?" Alec stopped next to me, "Have you got any shots in?"

"Well," I trail off once again and hand him the bow, "I think it's best I stick to practicing with my kindjals."

Alec's eyebrows shot up in amusement, "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." I pulled one of my kindjals out of it's scabbard, aiming then throwing it, the kindjal landing in the bullseye on the first target, "I'm so much better with my kindjals."

"That's because you've trained with swords ever since you got here." Alec grabbed an arrow out of his quiver, "Come on."

"Come- on?" I repeat his words in confusion and look at him, as he softly laughs at my suspicion and cluelessness.

He stands behind me and wraps his arms around me, having me hold the bow and arrow, aimed at the Target, his hand on mine holding the arrow and the other intertwined with mine that was holding the bow.

"You know- they do this stuff in movies." I mentioned, looking at him, "We're a real life movie."

"Yeah, because couples in movies slaughter demons as their nightly job-" Alec held my hands steady, and I could take in his scent due to how close he was.

My bottom lips pops out in thought, "Actually-"

"Come on, you gotta put this in your perspective, right?" Alec gently laughs from the back of his throat, helping me aim towards the bullseye, "That's a demon and this is your kindjal."

"My kindjal doesn't require a bow, nor an arrow." I point out, "It's just point and throw."

"Just like aim and fire. Focus-" Alec tried to get me to focus, trying to keep a serious face on but there was a small smile playing at his lips, "Now- just let go."

Alec stepped back when I least expect it, my hand letting go of the arrow, as it fired at high velocity and landed right in the bullseye.

I stare at it for a second before spinning around to face Alec, "That was all you."

"Will you take some of the credit?" Alec walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"No- because you did that." I set the bow down by the quiver, "It was your magic touch."

"My- magic touch?" Alec repeats, pursing his lips to hold back a laugh.

I nod, "Yeah- totally, your magic touch."

"So- I'm suddenly a warlock?" Alec questions, leaning his forehead into mine.

I looked away in pretend thought, "Now that I think about it- yeah, sure- why not-"

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