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"Good morning-" Alec's raspy voice sounded from behind me, his arms wrapping behind me as I filled my cup of coffee the next morning.

"Hi-" I softly smiled and leaned back into him, looking up at him, "Coffee?-"

"Yes, please-" Alec kisses my temple, his hand slipping down my arm, playing with the fabric of his shirt that I had put on, "Mine?"

I was dressed in a pair of black ripped jeans, a cropped white tank top and his shirt over top, that was unbuttoned, along with black combat boots.

"I may have borrowed- what's new?" I poured a separate mug of coffee, then turned in his hold and held it in my palm for him to take, "We don't have much- it's either we go out for breakfast- or have breakfast at the Institute- we really need to go grocery shopping- and start arranging some furniture-"

"We'll get to that-" Alec put a strand of my straightened hair behind my ear and leaned in, pecking my lips a few times, a smile forming on my lips, "I say we go out for breakfast-"

"Sounds like a great idea-" I packed his lips back then took a sip of my coffee, putting a strand of my hair behind my ear, a wide smile playing at my lips.

That was until I felt a sharp pain in my arm, familiar to what I had felt last night, making me gasp immediately and set down my coffee before I spilt it.

"What's wrong?-" Alec's eyes slightly widen in concern, "What is it?-"

I pulled up my sleeve to see letters being carved into my arm just like last night, my blood filling the lines that Jonathan drew, words being written.

Don't you miss me too?

I stared at them, small tears rimming in my eyes from the pain, before I moved past Alec and opened one of the drawers where I had put utensils in.

Alec turned to face me and took a few steps to follow me, his eyes wide while watching my every movement, "Zee, what're you doing?-"

"Sending a message-" I pulled out a knife from the drawer and pulled my arm back, my eyes glued to the words in my arm.

Alec raises his voice in panic, "Zee!-"

I didn't listen, piercing the blade into my arm, right across the letters he had written on my arm of the word miss.

"Zee, are you crazy?-" Alec rushed to my side, his hands gently going to my forearms, looking over my shoulder, "Don't hurt yourself-"

I didn't reply, pulling out the blade from my bleeding arm, watching at the wound, along with the words slowly healing and disappearing from my skin.


"You found all this in Elliot's book shop?" Alec's voice filled my ears as I walked down the halls of the Institute toward our office.

"Yeah, he kept detailed records on the whereabouts of all sorts of Shadowhunter relics-" Luke's voice followed, "If you're looking for the sword Jonathan's after, it's a good place to start-"

"Well, we'll get a team on this right away." Alec's voice got louder and more clear when I was right by the office, "We'll call if we find anything-"

"Hi, Luke-" I waved right when I walked into the office, then rushed over to Alec and pushed myself off by the chair he was standing by and hopping onto his back, "Hi, my love-"

"Hey, Zee-" Luke smiles at me lightly, then left the room, leaving Alec and I alone.

"Hey-" Alec set the book he was holding down and grabbed my thighs to hold me up, leaning his head back to look at me, "You seem like you're- in a better mood-"

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