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"There." Alec points at the screen we stood in front of when we finally got up, his arms around my shoulders as held me against his chest, my hands on his arms, enjoying the embrace, "They said that was the angel."

I was dressed in Alec's gray sweater, and black ripped jeans, black heeled boots on my feet, my hair wavy due Alec wanting me to keep it natural today, rather than straightening it like I always did.

Isabelle walks over to us, "It could have been a shooting star."

"Yeah, cause a shooting star shoots from a rooftop." I sarcastically spoke and looked at her, "Are you saying you don't believe Jace and Clary?"

"Yeah, I thought you'd be impressed." Alec looked at her also.

"I'm not saying I don't believe them." Isabelle crosses her arms, "It's just that no one's seen an angel in hundreds of years."

Then she changes the subject, "So, did you take my advice?"

I looked up at Alec, "Advice?"

Alec purses his lips, "Hm?"

"You did, didn't you?" Isabelle began to smile, "Okay, start talking."

Alec clears his throat, "There's nothing to talk about."

"You needed advice to make a move on me?" I purse my lips to hold back a laugh, as Alec stared down at me, making it harder for me to hold it back.

Then, I turned in his arms and buried my face in his chest, bursting out into a fit of laughter.

"No, stop-" Alec drags out his words, his arms tightening around me, as we began rocking back and forth on our feet, my laughter muffling in his chest.

My laughter faded when I heard the familiar voice of Max, his footsteps coming closer to us, "Hey, you guys!"

"Hey, buddy." Alec doesn't let go of me, even when my arms dropped as I smiled at Max, "How are you doing?"

"Max!" Isabelle crouched as Max ran into her arms, "I missed you so much! You look so handsome."

I ruffled Max's hair lightly, "What are you doing here?"

Then, the heard heels beginning to approach us.

I instantly slip away from Alec's hold, Alec shooting me a look as I mutter under my breath, standing up straight, "If Max is here, so is Maryse-"

Speaking of the devil, she walks over to us slowly, her eyes looking between us all, "Alec, Isabelle. It's good to see you both."

Maryse then looks at me and barely nods, "Zee."

Isabelle stood up in spite, "Really?"

Alec warns under his breath, "Izzy-"

"'Cause the last time you were here, you turned your back on all of us." Isabelle mentions, "Especially Jace."

"I was following orders." Maryse inhales sharply, "I had no choice."

"Max has some big news." She changes the subject and places her hands on Max's shoulders, "Tell them, sweetheart."

"I passed my last trial." Max proudly smiled, "I'm ready for my Rune Ceremony."

"Max-" Isabelle gasped, "That's great."

Alec smiles, "Congratulations."

"So- you finally perfected your roundhouse kick?" I softly smiled down at him, moving into the position, my hands in fists.

"Yeah, and I knocked out two different instructors." Max mimicked my actions, bumping his fists against mine.

When I stood straight, Maryse was eyeing Max and I, before looking at Alec and Isabelle, "Sadly, your father won't be able to attend. So, Alec, as the eldest male in the family, you will be in charge of Max's ceremonial party."

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