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I walked through the halls of the Institute, dressed in a burnt orange thermal shirt, one that was tucked into my usual black ripped jeans. I ran a hand through my straightened hair, as I had just spoken to Maryse over the phone.

She did not want me at that wedding.

And I was obliging.

I had a feeling she knew about what is being felt between Alec and I.

And she wouldn't let me be the reason Alec backs out of this marriage.

As if he would, anyway.

Lydia is probably one of the best women you could score in a relationship. She was gorgeous, and powerful.

Even if Alec is marrying her for his family, he wouldn't just ditch her for me.

I accepted that.

His feelings for me surfaced early, while mine feelings for him surfaced too late.

I couldn't watch Alec get married to Lydia.

It would hurt.

And this hurt, I couldn't just control; as I had been touch to do with my emotions.

And thinking of the devil, Alec came to my side, "I'm looking for Lydia, have you seen her?"

"Nope-" I pop the p, not even daring to look in his direction as I kept walking, "If I do, I'll send her your way."

"Hey-" Alec grabs my arm and stops me, his eyes desperately trying to connect with mine, but I couldn't dare look at him in the eyes right now, "Are you coming to the wedding tomorrow night?"

I shook my head, pulling my arm from him, "No- I'm not."

Alec's expression dropped, his eyes still trying to meet mine, "What- why?"

I didn't want to admit to him what I felt.

Because it wouldn't matter.

His choice was set and permanent.

But the words that came out of my mouth, were the exact opposite of what I as thinking.

"Alec-" I inhale sharply, my eyes connecting with his for a brief second, "Why would I go to a wedding to watch the man I didn't know I had feelings for get married to another woman?"

Alec's eyes slightly widen, surprise and disbelief crosses his features, as if he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

I huff, breaking eye contact, lying through my teeth, "I- I have something I need to do-"

Alec looked deep in thought, as I walked away from him, just wanting to be away. I needed to avoid him.


"Magnus-" I softly smile, giving him a hug as I walked to the table in the Ops Center, "It's so good to see you-"

"The pleasure is all mine, biscuit." Magnus smiled, sitting back down after pulling away from my hug.

Jace walks over, sitting in a chair, clearing his throat, "Morning."

I don't even look at him, my gaze falling to the ground, "Morning."

"You talked to Clary?" Jace's voice was quiet, not being able to meet my eyes either.

"Uh- yeah." I swallow, "She's gonna stick back with Jocelyn for a little."

Jace barely nods, "You were training most of the night, right?"

"Uh- yeah." I mutter, "I need the practice."

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