I Don't Wear Capes (Henry Danger Fanfiction) (COMPLETED) by lg_8989
I Don't Wear Capes (Henry Danger F...by L
Sarah made one decision last month, a big one. To work for Captain Man as his secret sidekick. The only thing; he, and Kid Danger don't know who she really is. And she'...
  • jace
  • jacenorman
  • norman
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The Dark Ones by Cityoffallensouls
The Dark Onesby heavenly
When Clary discovers Jace kissing another girl, she rushes out of the Institute, horrified at what she saw. With him chasing after her, she is faced with the difficult t...
  • herondale
  • clave
  • clace
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Eclipse | Alec Lightwood [1] by Bara_O_Shukketsu
Eclipse | Alec Lightwood [1]by Shukketsu
He was blind, until he saw him standing there. Disclaimer: I do not own Shadowhunters.
  • lgbtlove
  • originalcharecter
  • wattys2018
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Tmi high(completed) by Rayofsunshine1233
Tmi high(completed)by Rayofsunshine1233
The tmi gang as mundanes in high school!! Clary and Izzy are best friends! Jace and Jonathan(Clary's brother) are best friends. Magnus and Alec are a thing. Simon and Iz...
  • alec
  • magnus
  • clary
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Coming back by Chloesinn144320
Coming backby Chloe Sin
Everyone was in a peaceful time until Clary caught Jace cheating on her. She packed her thing and left that night. But was that the only reason she left?
  • sebastion
  • clary
  • isabelle
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Sнadow Girl ▹ Jace Wayland (editing) by voidwolvxs
Sнadow Girl ▹ Jace Wayland (editin...by тιarne
"The story of Annalina Grey, the girl who came before clary, the real love of jace wayland's life" [book 1]
  • fanfic
  • jace
  • isabellelightwood
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Dark Angel by Gogaaa15
Dark Angelby Huntress
Clary and Jace break up. She leaves, and after few years she's been sent to the New York Institute. What will happen when she comes back? Is she still the same, scary l...
  • shadowhunters
  • malec
  • clarissa
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Better together (a clace fan fiction) by little_squirrel_234
Better together (a clace fan ficti...by Squirrel
Jace mysteriously is found dead at the entrance to the institute. Clary is so upset. What happens when he mysteriously comes back 7 months later. This time he is differe...
  • herondale
  • tmifanfic
  • jace
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Take Me Beyond Me (boyxboy) by AmesMax
Take Me Beyond Me (boyxboy)by Amara
[COMPLETED] Shane Cooper is the supposed "bad boy" of the school, but it's just another rumor. In reality, he's a broken boy who has had a hard time facing l...
  • abuse
  • hurt
  • pain
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Idealism (Lookism x Reader) by wolfangelpaw
Idealism (Lookism x Reader)by wolfangelpaw
Y/n was a girl she lived in y/c and she has been expelled from many schools countless times for either fighting or family business. M/n was getting angered to see her da...
  • crystal
  • zack
  • jace
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change at heart | jmb by lcvelyqaesthetic
change at heart | jmbby lcnelyqnights
" mon beau "
  • joeymatthewbirlem
  • musically
  • sophiabirlem
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When Light Meets Fire! // Alec Lightwood by SNFANGirl16
When Light Meets Fire! // Alec Lig...by SNFANGirl16
"I was the Light to his Flames!" -Alec Lightwood "I was the Fire to his Cold!" -Damon Everest Fire _________________________________________ When the...
  • demon
  • maryse
  • hybrid
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1 | HALE ❁ JACE HERONDALE by ovtober
1 | HALE ❁ JACE HERONDALEby ˗ˏˋ alyssa ˎˊ˗
"And how did a mundane, a shadowhunter, and a downworlder become friends?" "The same way on how my fist will connect with your face if you don't keep yo...
  • isabellelightwood
  • tmi
  • aleclightwood
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Smitten With Him [complete] by frozenrainfall
Smitten With Him [complete]by Zara
Needing a favour and an easy way to pass his Physics class, closeted gay Zach Hamilton seeks Jace, the smart ass band geek who has snarky comebacks to everything. Becomi...
  • lgbtq
  • gaylove
  • boyxboy
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Pictures of Us by Twoony
Pictures of Usby Twoony
After Mylo agrees to confess to his so-called "crush" in order to help his best friend work up the nerve to ask the girl she likes out, he finds himself in an...
  • comedy
  • homosexual
  • boyxboy
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Hell's Angel✗ // JACE WAYLAND  by leexnnx
Hell's Angel✗ // JACE WAYLAND by Leeanna❃
"You don't understand; you couldn't possibly understand. Throughout my entire life, everyone that I have loved has been ripped away from me. You're all I have left...
  • angels
  • funny
  • demons
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Love and War  ✴  Shadowhunters by ElizabethRavenwood
Love and War ✴ Shadowhuntersby ElizabethRavenwood
Almost seventeen years before Clary Fairchild came into everyone's lives, a young girl around one year old showed up on the steps of the New York Institute. There was no...
  • wayland
  • alexanderlightwood
  • isabellelightwood
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She's gone by Amywatson25
She's goneby tmi_writer
Clary and Isabelle are at the annual Christmas party thrown by the institute. There is singing and dancing and even revelations. Clary and Isabelle were going to make th...
  • clary
  • shadowhunters
  • herondale
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The Moonfighter by Katniss120402
The Moonfighterby IDEK
Elementals are people that aren't like the rest of us. But moonfighters are the rarest of them all.
  • celine
  • shadow
  • action
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His best friend by hannah_s432
His best friendby hannah_s432
Taylor's brother is back from war, which means his best friend is here to stay. When Taylor and Jace get close for the first time, feelings change and her brother begins...
  • hbf
  • jace
  • taylor