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"Jace?" I noticed the blond boy when walking through the Ops Center after I had just gotten back from training with Alec, "Yo-"

Jace doesn't turn, staring at the elevator doors as he waited for them to open.

"Jace-" I called out his name, coming to a stop behind him, "Dude- what's going on?"

When he doesn't reply, I placed a hand on his shoulder, "Jace?"

Jace flinched at my touch, looking back at me, confusion crossing his expression.

"Where did you disappear to when we were at the club?" I questioned, "Clary, Iz and I have been texting you non stop- you had us worried-"

Jace blinks, "What?"

"You've been gone almost all night." I stared at my best friend in confusion, "Where have you been?"

Jace swallows, breathing heavily, "I have no idea."


"The last thing I remember, I was- I was fighting Jonathan in the club, but- but, then he must've knocked me out, but it was-" Jace was stammering as we sat on the bench in front of his bed.

"Jace-" I stopped him, "Jonathan isn't the Owl."

Jace looked at me; confused.

"Whenever Jonathan and I were in battle, he always cut my neck- the Owl went for my side." I told him the facts I knew, "And- Izzy slashed him with her whip- the electrum he didn't burn- if it was him, it would've."

Jace inhales shakily at my words, "But- then the nightmares I've been having-"

"They're not signs, Jace." I cut him off, "Jonathan is- for sure, dead."

"Then that's good." Jace got up, walking towards his desk, exhaling deeply, "Yeah, that's good."

"Jace, what is going on with you?" I got up as well, "Is it bringing you back? Look, I don't fully understand it-"

"No." Jace shook his head, facing me, denying my concern, "I'm- I'm fine."

"No, you're not!" I slipped off my zip up sweatshirt, tossing it on the bed, leaving me in only my cropped spaghetti strap tank top, "Stop lying to me, Jace."

Jace doesn't reply.

"Look- we need to figure out what the hell is going on- we need to get you some help." I turned for the door, "I'm telling Alec about the wish-"

"Zee!-" Jace grabbed my wrist and pulled me back, making me face him, "Listen, you need to swear to me that you haven't told anyone else about this."

"I haven't- but, I need to." I argued, "If this is my fault- I have to come clean about what I did-"

"Zee, we've been through this." Jace reminded me, "You compelled the one wish from Raziel- to the Clave, that's the worst offense possible."

"And I know what they'll do to me, but- Jace, if something is really wrong- I can't just not let Alec and Isabelle know about it-" I shook my head, "I can't keep this from them any longer-"

"Well, you're going to have to." Jace pressed, "Come on- if Alec knew, he'd be as guilty as we are- we're protecting him."

I go silent.

Jace swallows at my worried expression that never left, "I promise you, I'm fine."

I scoff lightly, pulling my wrist away, "Then why don't you remember where you've been all night?"

"I'm just tired." Jace came up with a solution, "I haven't slept in days."

"Do you honestly believe that's all this is?" I didn't buy his simple excuse as to why this was all happening to him.

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