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hi !

i do not own any of shadowhunters, i do own zee young and her story, and this book does contain a female love interest.

before anyone gets confused: this is different story ! zee young is just the main oc that i use for all of my books because i find it easier than creating an entirely new oc.

anyway, totally irrelevant but if you're curious, continue reading this short intro

i began to write a jace herondale book, one that is called predestined, which whoever or how many people are reading this, totally should go check out, major promo rn.

well, as i was writing predestined, there was a sexual tension between what was supposed to be a brotp and now is.

but this lead grizzlyvisser to start shipping said brotp.

and thus, war had begun about zalec and zace.

after heavy consultations and the joining of Mrsbarryallen6 , i gave into writing this.

and hence this book was born.

idk why but i felt like explaining how this book happened-

anyway, enjoy the story !

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