Shadowhunters ≫ Alec Lightwood   ✓ by hannahmarie88
Shadowhunters ≫ Alec Lightwood ✓by ᴀɴɴᴀ ✿
❝It's weird, you know. It's like wherever Bella goes, Alec is bound to follow, like magnets.❞ |Amazing cover by @starless ...
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MARGO ▸ ALEC LIGHTWOOD by starfishay
She met him at the age of 13, visiting the Institute for the first time. She almost tripped, but his hand caught hers and he never let go. [season 1 - completed] [seaso...
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quick as lightning by ASimpleAuthor
quick as lightningby Kat:)
Piper Fray was normal, well...she didn't eat the stalk part of her broccoli but other than that she was normal. Her twin, Clary Fray, was the logic while she was the fu...
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Angels and Warriors // A.L by Ninjaofserenity
Angels and Warriors // A.Lby Ninjaofserenity
Alec Lightwood: acting head of the New York Institute. Samara Fray: a pain in his ass.
  • herondale
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Smokescreen 》Alec Lightwood by UpInFlames_
Smokescreen 》Alec Lightwoodby UpInFlames_
Smokescreen: noun 》 A ruse to disguise someone's real intentions or activities. Highest Rank - #213 in Fanfiction Cover made by devinemoves. Completed 2016. (Sequel now...
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The Warlock With The Purple Eyes by ElinevdBogaard
The Warlock With The Purple Eyesby SimpleMortal
Alec rings up everyone: Magnus is very sick and they don't know how to cure him. Before Magnus falls into unconsciousness, he gives them a name: Mary Stole.
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Weakness or Not by wxnderlust_hea
Weakness or Notby Nohealani
Anastasia Herondale-- the last one in her bloodline to be alive-- has been on a mission within the mundane world for 10 years. A mission that soon transformed her into a...
  • clary
  • war
  • love
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Shadowhunters Preferences and Imagines by kathleen_2002
Shadowhunters Preferences and Kathleen
A book about my favorite show JACE CLARY IZZY ALEC MAGNUS SIMON
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Silhouette ✔ by tavanalee
Silhouette ✔by Tavana Whamond
0.4/2 Alec Lightwood was the bane of Clary Fray's existence. They hated each other. Or did they. After finding out Jace had a secret lover, Alec took her on a hunt. The...
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War☆ Alec Lightwood *SLOW UPDATES* by KaitlynRae99
War☆ Alec Lightwood *SLOW UPDATES*by Kaitlyn
"Don't hide who you really are. Because take it from me, you will regret it later in life." Everyone in the Downworld and the Shadowhunter world knew who Magnu...
  • bane
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BLACK PETALS ↠ MAGNUS BANE by springemotions
❝ Sometimes the purpose of the thorn is simply to draw attention to the rose ❞ [Shadowhunters] [fem!OC x Magnus Bane] [Season 1] *** Grace Belcourt is...
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I'll love you either way (THIRD BOOK FOR UGLY!) (COMPLETED) by BellaSH13
I'll love you either way (THIRD BellaSH
DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING ALL CHARACTERS ARE PROPERTY OF CASSANDRA CLARE! Ah!!! I've never done a third book! This is amazingggggg! Ok! "I will wait for you, beca...
  • clace
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NeRds (COMPLETE) by BellaSH13
NeRds (COMPLETE)by BellaSH
DISCLAIMER:I OWN NOTHING Highest ranking: #16 in Clace There are a lot of Fanfictions out there of TMI High school's. Clary being the ugly nerd and Jace the hot and...
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DYNASTY ✔ by tavanalee
DYNASTY ✔by Tavana Whamond
Book 1 Clary found out the truth; Jace was her brother; Alec fell in love with her; Isabelle fought for her family; Simon found love; Jocelyn made peace with her past; V...
  • clace
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  • wattys2017
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Unfamiliar World by Girly_Lorraine
Unfamiliar Worldby Elyse Lorraine
Clary has been with Sebastian since she can remember and he has always kept her hidden, but one day that all changes. A mortal instrument story. ( all character rights...
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  • tmi
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Clalec: Parenthood (3) by Jay1864
Clalec: Parenthood (3)by J21
Can't believe this is Book 3 in the Clalec series! Please read Book 1 and 2 first as this book follows on from them Clary and Alec are living happily in their apartment...
  • luke
  • simon
  • garroway
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my boy - Alec Lightwood by Dramatic-Exit
my boy - Alec Lightwoodby Sin To Win
Originally called 'Mad Hatter' 'If you want me to be yours Well then you gotta be mine And if you want a good girl Then goodbye' Disclaimer: I do not own Shadowhunters o...
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ShadowHunters Preferences by QueenKlaro
ShadowHunters Preferencesby ⚜️Klaro Ciceron⚜️
Preferences for the show ShadowHunters Preferences for: -Clary -Isabelle -Jace -Alec -Magnus -Hodge -Simon -Meliorn -Raphael -Camille -Young Vale...
  • lightwood
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Sharp Teeth ↟ Alec Lightwood by allys_pen
Sharp Teeth ↟ Alec Lightwoodby allys_pen
Mia Hathway is a werewolf who was taken in by Luke Garroway at a young age. When her best friend Clary discovers she's a Shadowhunter and her mom goes missing, Mia is pu...
  • wayland
  • fray
  • jace
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Fallen Angel (Alec Lightwood Love) by wxnderlust_hea
Fallen Angel (Alec Lightwood Love)by Nohealani
Alexandria Lunette Bloodrose; a shadowhunter who ran from her duties meets the broken Alec Lightwood in the middle of a war. What happens next? P.S I had wrote this sto...
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