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Isabelle sighs as her, Jace and I walked through the streets where Sebastian apartment was nearing, "Zee, don't-"

"No, I feel terrible." I shot back at her, running my hands through my hair, "Everything is falling apart, okay- I'm lying to everyone, I knew something was off about Sebastian when he first got here but I never thought twice about it, god- my father's a psychopath-"

Jace was behind me, "Didn't we already know that Valentine was a psychopath?"

"He's even more a psychopath now, Jace!" I pinch the bridge of my nose, confessing, "Jonathan isn't Jocelyn's son, he's my mother's."

This makes Isabelle stop in her place, "What?"

"Yeah, I know-" I cross my arms, stopping as well, "Alec was the only one who knew until today."

I had told Clary before I left on mission, and she told me that all that mattered now was catching him.

But, I knew it hurt her to lose another family member that wasn't "fully" hers.

Because I've felt like that too.

Jace had stopped also, "How do you know?"

"In my mother's journal-" I sigh and looked down, "She wrote that Valentine took her memories of ever having Jonathan because she found out Valentine experimented on the baby."

"Probably because she tried to run off like she tried with me-" I placed my hands on my hips, staring at my boots, "He took Jonathan from her and made it seem like she never had a child before me. She retrieved the memories with Magnus the day she was killed."

Jace scoffs in frustration, walking past us, "Once I find him, I'm gonna-"

"Kill him? Let's share that pleasure." Isabelle follows him, as I looked between them, my expression softening as I chased after them.

We burst through Sebastian's apartment door, holding our weapons tight and steady, ready for anything that may come for us.

Sebastian's blond hair was easily recognizable, his back towards us as he was slouched in an office chair.

"Jonathan!" I immediately said, stepping closer.

Jace inched closer as well, "Turn around and face us."

"Where is Valentine?" Isabelle questions, holding her staff tightly.

When we all notice him not replying to any of our questions, Isabelle uses her staff to turn him around, revealing a dead Sebastian Verlac, tortured and having dried blood wherever you looked.

"By the Angel-" I almost gasped, stepping closer.

"He's been dead for days." Jace let his guard down as Isabelle and I did already, "Tortured first- this was the real Sebastian Verlac."

The fact that Jonathan did this to an innocent Shadowhunter made my blood boil.

Jace closes Sebastian's eyes, stepping back, "Ave atque vale."

"Hail and farewell." We recited together.

Then, I noticed Sebastian start to tremble intensity, before letting out a demonic howl, leaping onto the wall, "Oh, hell no-"

Jace was in position, armed as we all were, "It's a possessing demon-"

I stared at Sebastian, holding position, "The same kind that murdered my mom."

"Then we know how to kill it." Isabelle moved her staff into a whip, grabbing Sebastian and pulling him to the ground as Jace and I pierced our blades into him, the demon vanishing within Sebastian, revealing his true form, where his skin was green and showing that he had been dead for a while.

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