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Isabelle almost ran into my room, "Aldertree cleared me for mission."

"To the Citadel?" I questioned, "Oh my god, Izzy that's-"

I was engulfed in a hug, her tone filled with excitement, "Thank you- thank you-"

"You're welcome." I hugged back for a moment, then pulled away, "I couldn't go even if I wanted to."

"What did you even say to him?" Isabelle asked, her hands slipping into her back pockets.

"I'm still injured from my demon wound." I hug myself, "Technically he wasn't at liberty to send me on the mission anyway, I told him that my arm was getting better but I couldn't go on the mission."

I then brought up the question, "How did he even let you go? I mean- the demon wound on your back-"

"I'm all healed up now." Isabelle smiles, "I'm totally fine."

That felt weird to me.

Because even I would have healed if she was already healed, but mine was taking time.

I clear my throat, "How's Alec doing? I haven't seen him since-"

"Since that warlock's house." Isabelle finished my sentence, "I know- I can tell he still feels horrible for what happened to your mom- and what happened at Iris'-"

"I shot sunlight out of my hand, Iz." I recalled the memory, "It was- actually so cool. And what happened at Iris' wasn't his fault."

Isabelle sighs deeply, "Somehow he's putting the blame on himself. I tried talking to him about it because he's been bottling everything up- but, he kept saying that if he wouldn't just stayed by your side and not let Iris take you, none of it would've happened."

I guiltily look down, "He can't keep blaming himself."

"He's strong." She places a hand on my arm, "He'll heal."


I came up behind Alec when I spot him in the Ops Center, holding my leather jacket in my hands, dressed in black ripped jeans, a white tank top under a thin navy blue snap button shirt, the tank top peaking out on my chest, as I ran a hand through my straight hair, standing a foot or two away from him.

Alec spun around, holding my fire message in his hands along with a tablet in the other, jerking to a stop directly in front of me when he sees me.

I eye him for a moment, "Hello, Alec."

"I was heading over to you right now-" Alec began, "What's the emergency?"

"There's no emergency." I admit, crossing my arms, "It was the only way I could get your attention."

Alec eyes me, then turns around, beginning to head over to the monitor he stood at, "Well, since you're okay, I should probably get back-"

"I'm not okay because you're not okay." I blurt out, placing my jacket on the table, getting in front of him and stopping him, "You've been through so much in the past few days, and I can't even begin o imagine how you feel right now."

Alec's silence made me continue, "And you haven't stopped for a second, taken a moment for yourself."

Alec's eyes connect with mine, "Zee, we're in the middle of a war. We can't waste not one minute to-"

"But, that's all I want to do. I want to stop, just for a moment." I cut him off, my hands moving and touching his forearms, "There's always going to be a war, Alec. A mission- and problem we need to solve."

"I'm speaking from experience." I exhale deeply, recalling all the memories of when I first got here, "If you fail to give time for the things you care about, you'll forget why you're even fighting at all."

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