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"I stand before my fellow Shadowhunters to receive the rune of the Angel." Clary recited as she stood on the higher platform, "I take this mark to honor Him."

I stood in the Accords Hall in Idris at Clary's rune ceremony, next to Alec, Isabelle and Jace.

"To bring His light into me." Clary continued, "To join the ranks of the Shadowhunters, the guardians of peace."

"This rune of Angelic Power is well-deserved and long overdue." Inquisitor Herondale smiles at her after the Silent Brother drew the Angelic rune on her arm, "You are no longer a Shadowhunter in training."

As we all applaud and Clary steps off to the side, Inquisitor Herondale stood still in front of everyone, "Before we fade into the crowd, there's one person I'd like to recognize."

This strikes confused within us all.

"Zee Young." Inquisitor Herondale announces, "Due to her heroic acts, she has successfully, singlehandedly, defeated our greatest enemy."

Alec places a hand on my back from next to me, softly smiling down at me proudly.

Except all I wanted to do was hide behind him because of how all the attention was on me.

"Valentine may have used the Mortal Instruments to raise the Angel Raziel, but Zee, you prevented a wish from being granted." Inquisitor Herondale smiles at me from the higher platform, "Zee Young, may your heroism be a shining example to Shadowhunters across the world."

The crowd erupted in applause, as Alec wrapped an arm around me and kissed my head.

I softly smiled, as Clary moves through the scattered crowd and over to Alec, Isabelle and I after Jace had disappeared into the crowd.

"Clary-" I wrapped my arms around her loosely, "Congratulations."

"Congratulations!" Isabelle congratulated her as well after I had pulled away, Clary thanking us.

Alec puts his hands behind his back, "How did it feel?"

"Uh- it hurt." Clary's answer made Isabelle and I laugh softly, "No, it was amazing- just, god- there's so many people here."

I cross my arms, putting my hair behind my ears, "Because they're here to celebrate you."

"And you!" Clary pointed out, "You saved us all."

"Clary-" I began shaking my head, inhaling sharply, "Today's about you, not me-"

"She's right." Isabelle grabs my hands, "You are the hero of Alicante- I mean, you went hand to hand with Valentine and killed him- so, stop being so modest."

I softly smiled at the both of them, not knowing what to counteract with.

Isabelle stepped back, "I'm gonna look for Mom."

Clary looks between Alec and I then clears her throat, "I'll come with you!"

"I'm really proud of you, I always knew that you would be the one to defeat him." Alec looked down at me, completely sincere, "But there's more to the story, isn't there?"

I stared at my accusing boyfriend, my breathing shaky as I looked down, "I told you everything I know, Alec."

I couldn't look at him stare in the eye and lie.

"Did you?" Alec shot back at me, "I felt Jace die."

I looked up at him, "I know you did, but-"

"He says he has no idea why, but- he's lying." Alec knew, "You almost died in front of me- Isabelle's rune was disappearing. How could he have no idea why I felt our rune vanish?"

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