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My head leant against Alec's bare chest, his hand playing with my hair as I laid in his bed with him.

The pad of my finger gently traced his deflect rune, Alec watching my every move.

His sheets and comforter covered over bare bodies, silence surrounding the room as we enjoyed each other's presence.

Suddenly, I looked up at Alec, my voice quiet, "I love you."

"I love you too." Alec's eyebrows furrow, tightening his grip of the arm that was around me, "Are you okay?"

"I've always loved you." My eyes were locked with his, "I just didn't realize it until Lydia showed up."

"When you told us you and Lydia were engaged- I felt like my life was over." I turn so I'm laying on my stomach, my arms folding on his chest as I was leaning my upper body on him, looking down at him, "Then, you kissed me in front of everyone at your wedding- and you chose me."

"I now realize that- that moment was the happiest moment of my life." I softly chuckle, "I mean- besides me crashing your wedding."

"I just- I don't know. This is the best relationship I've ever been in and- I haven't met anyone like you." I ran my hand through his hair once, "I guess- I'm thanking for you for choosing me."

Alec's hand grabbed my face, his other arm holding me closer as if we weren't as close as we could possibly be, "I'll always choose you- in a heartbeat."

I smiled lightly, pressing my lips into his for a few moments.

Alec speaks when I pull away, "I like this side of you."

"I didn't know this side of me existed before we started dating." I kiss his nose, teasingly saying his full name, "You've unlocked something in me, Alexander."

Alec didn't seem to mind when I said it, pecking my lips, the smile on his lips seeming permanent.


"Jace." I held my kindjals tightly in my hands, the breeze hitting my bare skin, "You're hurting."

Jace was smiling, "You didn't even touch me."

"That's not what I'm talking about." I stood up from position, "I'm talking about the Downworlders- about how Valentine almost killed me."

Jace's expression drops for a second, as he quickly recovers, "I'm fine-"

"I'm dating your parabatai, Jace." I shot him a look, "I always know how you feel."

"Jace, you didn't know-" I stared at him, "Don't blame yourself- it wasn't your fault."

"I never said it was." Jace avoided the conversation, "Come on, you got another round in you or you startin' to get tired?"

"I always have another round in me." Our swords swish together, "So- have you figured out what the pure angel blood does for you?"

"Other than the ability to activate that sword- I don't know." Jace grunts, "Maybe that's all it's good for."

"Oh, come on!" I took a few steps back, panting,
"I've got the ability to activate new runes without the need of a stele- Clary's got the ability to draw new runes, so you must be able to do something special like us."

Jace scoffs in laughter, "You mean, other than kick your ass?"

I spun, my swords meeting with his, "We're Valentine's experiments. If Clary and I have these cool new abilities- you have something too."

Jace pushes me back, his sword swinging for my head as I quickly ducked.

"Wanna go hand-to-hand?" Jace asks, tossing his swords to the side.

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