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My eyes crack open when I heard my door close, noticing Jace and Isabelle in my room.

I was laying on my stomach, buried in my blanket, holding onto the pillow I laid my head on.

My eyes shift between them in suspicion, "What're you two doing in my room?"

"Why are you still in bed?" Jace answered my question with a question, sitting by my legs.

"Because I'm going back to sleep." I pulled on the rest of my blanket and threw it over my head, "Be gone."

My bed dipped as Isabelle sat on the other side, Jace pulling off the blanket from my head, "No."

"Jace, just let me be depressed and alone- and asleep." I went to reach the top of my blanket again.

Jace stops my wrist, "I'll put the entire blanket off."

"That shows me the lack of care you have for me." I point at him, my eyes shooting him a look.

"Zee-" Isabelle held up the paper bag up, "This is your break up breakfast."

I look between them as Jace let go of my wrist, as I prop myself up onto my elbows, "My break up breakfast?"

Isabelle nods, "Your breakup breakfast."

"I don't need a breakup breakfast." I glanced between them, "I need to grieve in the peace of sleep."

"Zee-" Jace sat up, "We saw you throw out your breakfast and leave when you saw Alec sitting with us at breakfast this morning."

"Not because of Alec-" I sat up, running a hand through my tangled hair, "I don't have much of an appetite today-"

Isabelle points at me, "Because you broke up with Alec."

"Guys- I'm fine, I think you should be giving Alec this treatment." I looked down when I thought about the look on his face when I walked away from him, "He's probably taking this worse than I am."

"Well, we tried and he's pushing us away, saying that he's fine." Jace inhales sharply due to knowing exactly how his parabatai feels; literally, "I can feel how hurt he is- but he doesn't want to speak about it- he hasn't yet."

"I can't be with him." I inhale sharply, "Not like this."

Isabelle sets the bag on my lap, "Come on- it's from the cafe you like a lot."

"Thank you." I set the bag on my night stand, slipping out of bed, my hand touching the necklace gave me that was dangling around my neck still.

I blink, shaking my head, walking over to my mirror, noticing how tragic I looked, "I look horrible."

"I'm pretty sure if you went right now, he'd take you back immediately." Jace shrugs lightly, as I grabbed one of my pillows and chucked it at him, making him shut up.


[ alec's pov ]

"I saw her wearing the necklace at breakfast this morning." I walked with Jace, speaking to him about Zee for the first time since she broke up with me, "That means it's not over, right?"

Jace looks at me, walking with me down the halls of the Institute. "You're pining."

"Look who's talking." I scoff, and began mocking him, "Oh, I love her- oh, she's my sister- oh, why, why, why-"

"Okay, that's enough." Jace stops me, "But- can you honestly tell me that if you were in her situation, you wouldn't have done the same thing for her?"

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