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"We thought you'd be here-" I rushed over to Isabelle, Jace and Meliorn when we had portalled to Lilith's castle, "Are you guys alright? What happened?-"

Clary goes wide eyed, "Is Meliorn okay?-"

"Where is Lilith?" Magnus questioned.

"She's gone." Isabelle told us, "She turned into this enormous flying wraith."

Jace mentions, putting pressure on Meliorn's wound, "One of her wings sliced right through Meliorn-"

Magnus nods once, "We'll help-"

"I'll take care of the bleeding." Lorenzo joined Magnus in helping heal Meliorn.

"She was in her true form?" I asked Isabelle, who nodded, "I've seen Lilith like that before- when she stole a sliver of my soul, she was strong enough to murder Ithuriel."

Alec asks, "Where is she?"

"Coming for Magnus." Jace stood up when Magnus and Lorenzo took over, "She wants to reopen the rift."

When a roar erupted in the sky, all our heads snapped towards it, Lilith coming right for us, "Oh, looks as if she's found me-"

Simon remarks, "Not a good look on her-"

"Stand back." Magnus and Lorenzo got in front of us, before combining their magic and blasting at Lilith, only for her to not budge.

Alec shot a few arrows at her, those not doing any good either, making Isabelle step up, her palms lighting up with her Heavenly Fire, making all of us shout in protest, only for her to use her power anyway.

When she had killed Lilith, she completely collapsed, her entire body lighting up in flames, making my eyes widen and my hand rest over my parabatai rune, feeling that she was in pain, "Isabelle!-"

Clary says, "We have to do something-"

"Magnus, heal her-" Alec shot out a option.

Magnus was doing so, "I'm trying."

"Well, try harder!" Simon said in a panic.

Lorenzo stopped, "It's not working-"

"The heavenly fire's stopping us." grunted Magnus.

"What if I put the Alliance rune on her?" I blurted out, looking between them, "We could bond her to all of us- absorb some of the flame- maybe that'll put it out for good?"

"How do we know it's not gonna fry us up?" Lorenzo questioned, "Remember, we all have demon blood now."

Alec adds, "We all have Nephilim blood, too."

"Alec's right." Jace nodded lightly toward us, "We have to let Zee do this-"

Isabelle whimpers from the ground, breathing heavy, "It's too dangerous-"

"Izzy-" Simon replied, "If it's the only way to save your life, we're all gonna die trying-"

I took Magnus' hand, using my rune ability to put the rune onto his skin, then grabbing Isabelle's hand, putting the rune of her as well, "Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine-"

The moment I had grabbed her hand and pulled her up, I absorbed her flames, a gasp leaving my lips.

Alec grabbed my hand almost immediately, absorbing part of the flame, as one by one everyone connected, taking a piece.

Suddenly, the flame raised from us and into the sky, as we all stumbled back, watching it erupt in the sky.

Alec looks at Isabelle, exhaling in relief, "Thank the Angel you're okay-"

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