Hongjoong - Training Mission *M**Request*

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Hello again!! I'm back with a fun request from the lovely Moonbinnie0983!!! This one was fun for me to write and I hope you enjoy it girl!! Thank you for always supporting me!!

"Molly! Get in here!"

"What!" Molly shouted, walking into the large room as she pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail. Her father was standing behind his desk, a stern look on his face, telling her he didn't like her done.

Standing in front of him was a boy with a similarly stern face. He sported dirty blonde hair that was surprisingly cut as a mullet  He narrowed his eyes as he studied Molly.

"This is Hongjoong. He is our newest recruit, and I want you to train him."

"But I'm about to go on our next mission." Molly crossed her arms. "He will just slow me down."

Hongjoong smirked at her. "I'm not as useless as you might think."

Molly scoffed and turned around, motioning for him to follow. She could hear his light footsteps trailing behind her and she had to work really hard to not turn around and tell him to go away.

She couldn't believe her father stuck her with a new trainee when she was about to take out the biggest hit her family had been given. As the biggest mafia family, clients came to them all the time to complete contracts. Most of the time it was an assassination, or to collect documents that could benefit the contract holder.

That's what this mission was. She was supposed to sneak in and obtain documents and records that would put this big CEO out of business for good.

And she didn't need some newcomer ruining it.

But she couldn't resist and order from her father either. So she took Hongjoong on a tour around their facility, showing him where the lounge, training room, research lab, and dorms were. They were a small operation for how high up they were, so everything was contained in one building. They did have cells kept below ground, as well as all their archines, but he didn't need to know that.

Thankfully they had a gracious time limit on this contract, so the time spent having to train Hongjoong didn't put them in jeopardy or breaking it.

Molly spent several days testing the new recruit to see his strengths and weaknesses. He was light on his feet and did well going through the obstacle course, so sneaking in wouldn't be a problem. But his weapon skills needed a lot of work. That's where they ended up spending the most time.

She would set aside several hours in the day to coach him through throwing knifes and learning how to shoot a gun.

"Why does it feel like I'm not getting this?" Hongjoong huffed as he missed the target yet again.

"You just need to breathe and clear your head. Then it will become second nature." Molly picked up one of the knives and threw it at the target without even glancing at it. Hongjoong's jaw dropped when it hit the center of the bullseye. "Keep practicing, I need to go do some research." Molly patted his shoulder twice before leaving the room.

She spent the next few hours going over the infiltration plan with the two other members who would be joining her besides Hongjoong. They were going to be lookouts while he would stay by her side. It was too dangerous to let him stay by himself.

There was going to be a lot of security where they were going. It was a private mansion, and there was a chance that the CEO would be staying there, so stealth was a must.

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