Mingi - Fun Night *M**Request*

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Here's a fun one for you Mingi stans <3 another request from the amazing jinjin0309

Mingi rubbed the back of his neck as he pushed open the front door. It had been another long day at work and he desperately needed a night to relax.

The scent of vanilla hit him immediately and he noticed a few candles were lit in the living room. That meant his son was asleep... His wife only lit candles when he was, as he was still too young to be trusted with fire.

He perked up immediately and hurried to the kitchen, but she wasn't there. Although there was a note on the counter saying she had left him a plate of food in the fridge. It wasn't that late, so she wouldn't be in bed already. That meant there was only one other place she could be.

A smirk crossed his face as he crept over and peaked out the kitchen window.

There she was, her back to the window, lounging in their hot tub. She had her bright red hair pulled up into a messy bun, and her halter top showed off all her tattoos perfectly.

Mingi's stomach flipped as he licked his lips. This is just want he needed. He set down his keys and briefcase, then started to strip, placing his clothes on one of the kitchen chairs. When everything was off, he slowly pushed open the glass sliding down and shut it behind him, then tiptoed across the deck.

Slowly, he placed his hands over her eyes and whispered, "Surprise."

His wife jumped, but then started laughing. "Hi baby." She grabbed his hands and tried to pull them away.

"Do you have any idea what you are doing to me right now, Lexie?" Mingi growled, placing a kiss on the back of her neck. He felt her breath catch in her throat and her hands shook a little where they still held his.

"No. Why don't you show me?" Lexie said, a slight teasing tone to her voice.

Mingi smiled and took one hand and pushed her forward in the hot tub so he could sit behind her. When he was situated, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him.

Lexie gasped when she realized he had no clothes on, making him chuckle. He started kissing her neck and shoulders, paying special attention to her tattoos. They turned him on so much. Her head fell back to rest on his shoulder and she brought her hand up to tilt his head, pulling him into a kiss.

He groaned and ran his tongue over her lips, needing to taste more of her. She obliged, parting her lips for his tongue to dart in. Her back arched as he let one hand drag slowly down her side.

She tasted so good. It had been so long since they could be intimate. His job and their baby boy took up all their free time, and while he loved his son dearly, he missed feeling Lexie.

And she must have missed him two, because she suddenly turned around in the tub so she could straddle him, locking their lips together again. She grabbed the back of his head and tugged on his hair, bringing a moan out of him.

Mingi placed his hands on her hips and squeezed. She rocked them forward, grinding against his hard length. With just her thin swimsuit as a barrier, he knew she felt every inch of him too.

"As much as I love this, I think you're wearing too many clothes." He mumbled into their kiss. Moving slowly, he dragged one hand up her back and started pulling the strings of her top, letting the rolling water sweep it away from her.

Taking advantage of her bare upper body, Mingi grabbed both her breasts in his hands, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. Lexie's head fell back and she moaned, rocking her hips again. He smiled at her, loving the way her face twisted in pleasure at his hands.

Then he bent forward and took one nipple in his mouth. Lexie's hand gripped his head harder, pushing his mouth into her more. He groaned and used his teeth to nip at it a little.

Suddenly, Mingi pulled away and Lexie looked at him with pleading eyes. Then she shivered as a dark thought crossed his mind and he smirked. He pushed her so she was in the middle of the hot tub.

Lexie had to bend her knees slightly so she didn't expose herself the now cold air. "Why did you stop?" She asked, almost whining.

Mingi just smirked again then took a deep breath, ducking under the water and moving to her. He could see her legs shaking in anticipation. Placing his hands on her to steady her, he grabbed her bikini bottom and started dragging it down her legs. While he did that, he moved his hands closer to her core, teasing her.

After he slipped off her bikini, he came up for air and pulled her into a hug, slamming their lips together again. She was trembling in his arms and he knew she wanted him, no, needed him. But he was having too much fun teasing her.

As he continued the kiss, Mingi used his long arm to reach over and turn the jets on high. As the water churned around him, he could feel them blasting his skin and he grinned into the kiss. Lexie tried to deepen the kiss and wrap her legs around his waist, but he grabbed her legs and broke the kiss again before spinning her around so she was facing one of the jets.

Lexie cried out in surprise as the water blasted her heat and her back arched at the feeling. Mingi purred as he assaulted her neck, shoulders and back with kisses.

"M-Mingi..." She moaned, rocking against him as he held her in place. He loved the feeling over her bare skin against his as their bodies were pressed together. "I..." Lexie reached behind her, looking for something to ground herself. Then she cried out and started shaking as she climaxed. 

Mingi wrapped his arms around her protectively while turning her away from the jet. He rubbed her stomach to comfort her while she came down from her high before turning her around again. Water sloshed over the side at the harsh movement. Then he pressed her to the side and locked their lips again.

Lexie whimpered at the contact, but she ran her hands over his back, trying to touch every inch of him as their tongues danced.

"God, I can't wait anymore." He growled, spreading her legs wide and lining up his hard length to her entrance.

Lexie stared up at him and bit her lip, clutching his shoulders as he pushed into her.

Mingi groaned, closing his eyes at the sensation. In his moment of distraction, Lexie pushed them away from the wall and wrapped her legs around his waist, forcing him deeper. His legs shook as he caught his balance, then he gripped her before thrusting into her repeatedly.

They did their best to keep the noise down since they were outside, but it was so hard. The pleasure they felt pushed them through the roof as they connected for the first time in months.

Mingi loved how she tried to rock her hips to match his speed, but he was too anxious. He pounded her harder, speeding up each time. His lips grazed hers as he kissed every inch of her that he could reach. Cheeks, neck, forehead, nose, shoulders. He didn't want this moment to end.

Lexie moaned out his name, digging her nails into his back as she climaxed again. He could feel her walls clenching around him as he continued to thrust into her. She whined a little as the motion started to overstimulate her, so he just pulled her into him, tucking her head into the corner of his neck and shoulder. He felt her lips tickle him slightly as she kissed and sucked on his neck.

That drove Mingi over the edge and he moaned as he emptied himself into her. They didn't move for a long moment, just enjoying the intimate connection they had with each other.

"I missed you, Lexie." He whispered, stroking the back of her head as he moved to sit.

She hummed and continued to kiss his neck and shoulder. "I missed you too, my love. I'm sorry I've been so tired lately."

"No, don't apologize. You have a full time job raising our beautiful son. I will never fault you for that. Maybe we can finally get him into a normal sleep cycle so we can have more time like this."  He said quietly, hugging her tighter.

"I would love that." She said, humming again as Mingi started to trace her tattoos.

Then Mingi lifted her head up with his hand and kissed her, keeping it slow and passionate. "I love you."

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