Yunho - Change *Request*

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Here's another one for you fluff lovers <3 requested by StrayArmy0327

I've come to realize I've been neglecting poor Yunho, so I wanted to give him one that is close to my heart. I hope you like it! I'll try to come up with another Yunho story soon, unless someone wants to request one ;)

Beth smiled as she saw him walk in the room. His bright, cheery smile was the light of her life. All her problems vanished whenever she saw it.

All but one.

She was head over heels in love with him and he didn't have any feelings for her.

Beth had known Yunho for six years. He had transferred into her elementary school, and she did the best she could to welcome him. They reconnected when they started taking a dance class together. It was when they started talking again that she had fallen for him.

He was so kind, gentle, and funny. Boy could he make her laugh. It was her favorite thing about him.

She had tried asking him out, a couple of times. He was always polite about it, never telling her no directly or saying that he wasn't interested.

She had asked him to homecoming that year, and he said he would save her a dance. He never ended up showing up, breaking Beth's heart a little, but she pushed it down. Especially when he apologized and said something had come up with his dad.

But he still made it clear that he wanted to be her friend, so things never got awkward between them.

Beth wouldn't let it. Even if it hurt to be around him sometimes. They hadn't reached the friendship level where they spent time together outside of school, unless it was to rehearse with other members of their dance group, so that was the only place she got to see him.

And now they were taking a summer class together. Beth was so happy she got to see him for at least part of the summer.

Yunho waved at her when he saw here and made his way over to her, a slight spring to his step. "Hey! Beth! I didn't know you were taking this class."

Beth blushed and brushed her bangs out of her face. "You know me, all work work work. I didn't know you'd be here."

"Yeah, well I have something I need to take care of." He smiled at her and started stretching. They looked up as the teacher walked in and prepared for class.

When it was over, Yunho and Beth got to talking, and he offered to walk home with her. She was on his way, so he said he didn't mind.

They talked about what they hoped to accomplish in this class. They both wanted to be a lead dancer in the final performance.

"You'll get it for sure!" Beth said as they stopped in front of her house. "You're an amazing dancer."

Yunho flashed a shy smile and rubbed the back of his neck. "Thanks. You're really good yourself though. I've got some competition."

Beth felt herself blush and she looked down.

"Well. I'll see you tomorrow?" Yunho said, still rubbing his neck.

"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow." Beth turned to leave.

"Hey, can I have a hug?"

Beth turned to look at him, knowing she had turned bright red now. He opened his arms and enveloped her, pulling her into his chest. It felt like they stood there for an eternity.

"Ok, bye!" Yunho said, laughing a little and walking down her driveway and down the street.

Beth was frozen. She couldn't believe he had just done that. She could still feel his arms around her.

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