San - Good Luck Charm *M**Request*

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San stans where are you?? I've got a fun request from the always amazing jinjin0309 for you! This one was fun for me because we both discovered we love the sport behind this one!!

Also, for those of you who don't know, jinjin0309 and I have been working on a collaboration called Finding Utopia. That book was recently finished and we started a sequel titled Utopia! Please go over to her page and check them out, as well as her other works because she is a FABULOUS writer!!

Anywho, I hope you enjoy this next piece!!! xoxoxoxo

San rolled his shoulders as the cheers from the crowd roared around him. This was his chance. It was all up to him now. Win or lose. It all depended on the next few minutes.

He walked up to the plate and dug his cleat into the dirt, twisting his ankle back and forth so he had something to push off of if he got a hit.

No. When he got a hit.

San pulled the bat behind his head and twisted it in small circles while staring down the pitcher. The cries of 'Sanshine' came from behind him, fueling his hunger.

It was bottom of the ninth and they were down by two runs. With two outs and bases loaded, this was his team's last chance to make it to state play-offs.

The pitcher bent forward, reading the signs his catcher was giving him, and nodded. He pulled his arm back and threw.


"Ball!" The umpire yelled. San smirked and readied himself again.

The next pitch came. The crowd cried out in horror as he twisted away from the fast ball that almost hit his shoulder.

San stepped away from the plate and eyes the pitcher. He didn't know if that was on purpose or not, but oh it made him mad. He swung his bat a couple of times, then stepped back up to the plate and dug his foot in again.

The pitcher drew back. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as he watched the ball spin through the air. He swung the bat with all his power and felt this arms jar at the impact of the bat slamming into the ball.

Muffled cheers came from behind him as he worked to register what just happened. Then he ran.

He couldn't watch the ball, he just had to focus on running. But when he saw his team running onto the field he knew he had hit a home run. No! A grand slam! He just earned their team four runs, securing their spot to move on!

San slowed down to a trot as he waved to the crowd, but as he rounded third base, his eyes looked for the only person that mattered. And he found her immediately. Her beautiful red hair bounced around her shoulders as she hopped up and down, waving her arms and cheering for him.

The brightest smile crossed his face and his heart beat faster.

As soon as he touched home plate, his team came and lifted him onto their shoulders while they celebrated.

San still stared at his girlfriend, not caring about anyone else.

Liv stared right back. She was so proud of him right now. He had told her he was nervous for this game because he just felt a little off, but she told him it was just the nerves talking. He had gotten into this college on a full ride scholarship, and she had to remind him of that all the time when he started to doubt himself.

But that's just who he was. And she loved him for it anyway.

The team took a long time to settle down while they decided whose house to go to for the after party. Liv waited patiently in the stands.

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