San/Wooyoung - Extraterrestrial Love *M**Request*

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I'm back with another request!! I am so happy that so many of you love my stories so much. It gives me the motivation I need to keep writing!!

I want to give some of you a heads up now: if you're not into the weird or strange when it comes to smut, this one might not be for you.

But oh my gosh was this fun to write!! This request comes from the amazing lemonadedispenserXXX. If you haven't gone to her page yet, YOU SHOULD. She has her own one shot book that BLOWS MY MIND (and probably puts mine to shame haha she is AMAZING). I just want to say thank you for giving me two requests in a row that has given me a new challenge, and I hope you like this one!!

That being said...... Enjoy ;) xoxoxoxoxo

Wooyoung leaned against his shovel and wiped the sweat off his brow. He had been working in his fields for hours now and his muscles ached, but if he didn't finish then he couldn't plant his crops. And without crops to sell, he would have any money.

He really didn't mind though. Unfortunately, his parents had died shortly after he turned eighteen. They had left him the farm and since he had nowhere else to go, he decided to keep it. As a result, he never went to college and spent all day, every day taking care of the place.

All his friends had moved on to bigger and better things. So now he was all alone.

Wooyoung tried not to think about it, he had his animals to keep him company. But sometimes he wished he had someone who could talk back...

His day passed like it always does. Tend the fields, clean the stables, feed and water the animals, and pick up the house. Then he would make dinner and sit in front of the tv, surfing mindlessly until he found something of interest.

But tonight he couldn't find anything. Even the food he made didn't appeal to him anymore. Wooyoung sighed and took his food to the kitchen and wrapped it before setting it in the fridge. He couldn't afford to waste anything so he'd force himself to eat it later.

But he did pull out a bottle of beer and walked out onto the front porch. He used the railing to pop the lid off and took a deep drink as he sat on the porch swing. "I don't know how much longer I can do this Mom and Dad. I love this place, but... I'm twenty-two and I have no life. Aren't I supposed to be out partying? Discovering who I am? Finding love?" He sighed and ran his hands through his dirty black hair. "I wish you were here... You'd be able to tell me what to do."

Wooyoung glanced up at the stars. One flashed and shot across the sky. "Make a wish, Woo." He said quietly and watched it soar across the sky.

Then his forehead creased as the start seemed to get bigger.

And bigger.

Then it flashed and crashed with a huge explosion into his hay barn. He could feel the heat from here and watched as all his hard earned hay was engulfed in flames.

After his moment of panic, Wooyoung ran forward and grabbed his hose so he could start putting out the flames. The fire department was too far away so there was no point in calling them.

He worked for about an hour before he got all the flames put out. Once the fire was gone, Wooyoung walked slowly into the remaining shell of the barn. His heart sank as he thought of how much it would cost to replace this, and he dreaded the many phone calls to insurance.

Especially because they'd never believe that a shooting star is what caused the fire.

The star...

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