Hongjoong/Seonghwa - Meant to Be *Request*

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"Hyun Ki! Stop running away from me. We need to put your shoes on if you want to go to the park."

"Pawk! Pawk!" A little boy squealed, running around the sofa sit on the stairs. His black hair was a mess and he already managed to get his shirt dirty.

Seonghwa sighed and ran his hands through his own black hair. He knelt down to slip the tiny shoes onto his brother's tiny feet. The boy could hardly contain his excitement, running to the door as soon as his shoes were on.

"Hyun, please slow down. You can't go running off without me." The elder followed after him, grabbing the boy before he could run into the street. His brother laughed and wriggled in his arms.

Seonghwa smiled softly as he put his brother down and held his hand.

The park wasn't far from their house, thankfully, so he didn't have to worry about loading him into the car. That was always a nightmare.

Once they were away from any busy streets, he released the small hand and watched as his brother wobbled over to the equipment set up in a bed of sand.

Sitting on a nearby bench, Seonghwa let out a deep sigh and let his head fall into his hands. But he couldn't keep his eyes off the little boy for too long. He had a spitfire spirit and liked to get into trouble.

Now happened to be one of those times. Seonghwa looked up just in time to see his brother running after a small, white dog. "Hyun Ki!" He bolted from the bench and caught up to his brother, scooping him into his arms.

"Nooo! Puppy, puppy!" the boy yelled, trying to claw he way out of the arms that caged him.

"Hyun, you can't go running after strange dogs. They could bite you." Seonghwa pulled his brother close to him, hugging him tight.

"My dog would never bite someone, let alone a kid." A high-pitched voice said from behind him.

Seonghwa turned around and saw an extremely handsome man holding the white dog. His face was twisted in a slight pout that he had to admit looked rather cute. Dirty blonde hair swayed in the slight breeze.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I just..." Seonghwa bowed in apology, still holding his crying brother.

The man hummed, then set his dog down, who came to sit in front of Seonghwa.

He bit his lip, then knelt down so he could set his brother down but keep him within reach. "Ok, now when greeting a dog, what do you do?"

"Sniff!" The boy said, all tears suddenly gone.

The two brothers held out their hands for the dog to smell. His tail started wagging furiously and he jumped up and started licking Hyun Ki's face, causing his to squeal with laughter.

"Alright Pooka, calm down!" The stranger laughed and snapped his fingers twice. The dog immediately sat and looked at his owner.

"Wow." Seonghwa breathed. Then he blushed after realizing he wished he could do the same thing with his brother.

"See? He's well behaved." The stranger tilted his head and smiled a full smile that creased his eyes a little.

Seonghwa felt his stomach flip at the sight. "I-I'm sorry for what I said. I j-just didn't want him to get hurt." He let go of his brother and watched as he started chasing the dog again.

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