Hongjoong/Wooyoung - Showtime *M**Request*

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Oh my gosh.... I am soooooooo sorry it's been so long since I've updated!! My Way and Our Way took over my mind and I got so focused on those. I truly think they are some of my best works yet! I apologize for neglecting this story.

I hope this spicy request from the always amazing. lemonadedispenserXXX makes up for it. This is for you girly <3

I love you all so much and requests are still open! If there is something you want me to do then don't hesitate to ask!

Hongjoong stared at the building in front of him with wide eyes. He was finally given his first real gig as a videographer and he couldn't wait to get started. Although he was a little nervous because his manager hadn't given him a lot of details about the job. He just implied that it would help him get his foot in the door if he could successfully complete a shoot like this.

So Hongjoong had packed all of his different cameras and tripods ad other gear he would need.

Now that he was there, he forced himself to take a deep breath and walk inside while running a hand through his wavy red hair.

The receptionist greeted him with a cheerful tone. "Hello! How may I help you today?" She smiled brightly.

"Um, my name is Hongjoong and I'm looking for studio D9?"

Something crossed the girls face as she looked him up and down. "Floor 6, D9 is the last door on the right. Good luck."

"Thank you." Hongjoong bowed and hurried to the elevator.

Once he found the room, the studio looked fairly plain. There were lights and screens set up, accenting the corner of the room that been set up to look like a shower. There was a large tank of water behind one of the screen that looked like it was set up so that the shower would actually work.

While it wasn't what he was expecting, Hongjoong had to admit he was impressed. He looked around the rest of the room and saw a few people looking over a bundle of pages.

"Excuse me?" He said, walking over to them.

"Ah, are you..." One man looked down at his paper. "Hongjoong?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. We are just about ready to start. This is going to be fast paced and will need you to be mobile, can you handle that?"

"Yes. What is it th-"

"Go get set up then. We start in five minutes. Start with a tripod but be ready to move as soon as things start."

Biting his lip, Hongjoong just nodded and moved to the edge of the set. He chose his slightly smaller camera so he could move around easier and got it attached to the tripod.

"Actors to your positions!" The director called out. "Camera ready to roll."

Hongjoong started recording, focusing the shot. When he saw someone enter the screen in nothing but a towel, he looked up and felt his jaw drop. Whoever the actor was, he was absolute perfection. His tanned skin was glowing in the set light and his black hair almost had a purple undertone to it. He turned his back to the camera and threw the towel to the side.

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