Seonghwa/Mingi Pierced Heart

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Seonghwa couldn't wait to get to the studio. It had been a few days since he had been able to see Mingi, and Wooyoung wanting to finally get a tattoo was the perfect excuse to go by there and finally introduce them. Plus he couldn't wait to get his hands on his sexy boyfriend.

He ran his tongue piercing over his teeth, a habit he had picked up ever since Mingi had given it to him. It had made him nervous at first, but his boyfriend was so convincing, he caved and let him do it. Now he regretted nothing, and also had a slight addition to piercings and tattoos now...

And he planned on adding another one to the collection today. He already had an eyebrow pierced, several piercings in his ears, and of course his tongue, so Seonghwa thought a nose ring would be a nice addition.

Wooyoung seemed nervous, but he was going to be in good hands.

When they got to the tattoo shop, Seonghwa made a beeline to Mingi and immediately kissed him. God he missed this so much. They needed to be better about making time for each other. Mingi instantly pressed his hands to his back and plunged his tongue into the older's mouth.

Mingi finally broke the kiss and smirked at him before looking over his shoulder.

"So, you're Wooyoung?" Mingi's deep voice sent chills down the older's spine. "Seonghwa's told me a lot about you." He hugged the shorter from behind and smiled at Wooyoung.

Wooyoung smiled and bowed his head. "Likewise. It's nice to finally meet you Mingi."

"So. You're here for some ink, yeah? Well I'm supposed to give Seonghwa another piercing, because he's addicted, but if you want to flip through that brown binder there, that's the other artist here. He's free if you like his work, or you can wait for me. Up to you kid." Mingi winked at him and pulled Seonghwa into a side room.

As soon as the door closed their lips were locked again. Mingi grabbed Seonghwa's hair and yanked his head to the side so he could access his throat, pulling the collar of his turtle neck aside and adding new love marks on parts of the skin that weren't still bruised from their last encounter.

Seonghwa turned into a moaning mess at even just this simple touch. "Why do you wear these ridiculous things?" Mingi said, shoving him against the wall.

"Why do you think?" Seonghwa purred, licking his lips.


Seonghwa felt his toes curl in his shoes and obeyed immediately, shedding his jacket, turtleneck, pants and boxers, all while slipping out of his shoes.

Mingi looked him up and down, savoring the way the other shivered. His love marks covered the older's neck, shoulders, and chest. The sight turned him on so much. Then he moved forward and started kissing him again, tangling both hands in the platinum blonde hair and rocking his hips forward. Seonghwa gasped into the kiss and bit his lip.

Then he started tugging at Mingi's clothes, wanting to feel every inch of his skin. As soon as he was also naked, Seonghwa stooped and started running his tongue all over the bare chest, letting his piercing do most of the work for him. He felt goosebumps form all over the taller's skin and he smirked a little, adding his fingers to the mix.

"God, Seonghwa. What have I done to you?" Mingi said, chuckling a little. Looking down to admire the man he took credit for creating. The piercings, the tattoo's on his back and shoulders, the absolute master when it came to pleasuring him.

Seonghwa looked up at him from where he was now kneeling on the ground, a mixture of love and lust in his eyes. "You freed me baby." He said, then he fisted the taller's hard member and started stroking him, licking the tip at the same time.

Mingi's head fell back and he moaned. Seonghwa picked up the pace a little, and Mingi didn't even notice when he removed his mouth for a couple minutes. It all felt so good. Everything was... "Oh, fucking hell!" Mingi cried out as Seonghwa suddenly took his length in his mouth.

Everything was heightened now as Mingi realized the older had swapped out his normal tongue stud... for one that vibrated.

He reached forward to place his hands on Seonghwa's head, yanking on his hair to ground him. And to give him leverage as he started pumping his hips forward.

Seonghwa did his best to keep swishing his tongue back and forth as he gripped Mingi's hips to keep him in place and upright as the taller moved faster.

In what felt like no time at all, Mingi had emptied himself into Seonghwa's throat, watching as the older looked up at him while pulling back and swallowing.

"Damn..." He just stared at his lover as he swapped out his piercing again. "When did you get that?"

"Yesterday." Seonghwa said, looking shy all the sudden.

Mingi walked forward and cupped the older's face. "Best." He kissed his forehead. "Surprise." He kissed his nose. "Ever." He locked their lips together again.

The passion quickly morphed into need again and Mingi spun the other around and pushed him onto the chair in the room so that he was sitting down, but it was positioned so he was still laying back a little.

Seonghwa smirked at the taller and let his legs drape off either side of the chair, spreading himself wide. Mingi's gut flipped at the side and he kneeled on the bottom of the chair, kissing every inch of Seonghwa he could reach.

As he moved further down, he started slowly stroking the other's length, but avoided placing his mouth there. Instead, he elected to move to his entrance, swirling his tongue around in circles then entering him.

Seonghwa moaned out his name and gripped the chair beneath him as he felt his toes curl.

Mingi continued the motions, building his lover up a little before he stopped everything and pulled back. The older gasped at the sudden lack of touch and shot Mingi a glare. He laughed in response and moved forward.

He gripped Seonghwa's hips and pulled him down so he was at the edge of the chair. Then he lined himself up and started pushing in, to impatient to do any more prep, but he knew the other loved the sudden stretch.

Seonghwa whimpered as he got deeper, but his face gave away the pure passion he felt. Mingi gritted his teeth as he started thrusting faster, silently thankful that the chair was bolted into the ground.

Loving this feeling, Seonghwa reached down to place his hands on top of Mingi's where he squeezed his hips. He didn't try to hold back his moans, knowing that Mingi had secretly been working on sound proofing the room for this very reason.

"H-Harder..." He breathed, trying to keep his eyes open long enough to look at him, but when Mingi adjusted and started pounding his sweet spot, all hope of that was gone.

Seonghwa gripped the other's hands as he felt his climax coming. He arched his back and moaned out Mingi's name over and over until it became a jumbled mess.

Then it happened. His climax came in an explosion of pleasure as he came all over his chest. Mingi's thrusts became sloppy as he tried to move faster, sending him into his own release, filling Seonghwa with his warm seed.

Both sat there panting heavily, their hands intertwined at Seonghwa's hips.

When they finally moved, they both worked to disinfect everything and clean each other up.

"Ok. Let's get that piercing done, yeah?" Mingi said, chuckling a little as Seonghwa sat down on the chair again, now fully clothed, and watching him with pure love written all over his face.

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