Forgive Me Part 3 *M*

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"It's time for you to go." Yunho said, crossing his arms.

Yeosang just stood there, staring after Wooyoung. He was still in shock from everything. All those marks... and it was all his fault. If he hadn't drank so much, if he hadn't let Jongho drag him away, if he... If he had only been a better friend.

Jongho walked over to him and grabbed his hand. "Give him some time. He'll come around. You guys have been friends for too long for it to end like this."

Yunho scoffed and stormed out of the room.

Yeosang followed Jongho reluctantly, looking over his shoulder the entire time.





Yunho knocked on the bathroom door as soon as he saw Jongho's car vanish around the corner. "They are gone, are you ok?"

The lock clicked and Wooyoung opened the door, both eyes puffy and red. He just shook his head and walked into Yunho's open arms. "It'll be ok." The taller whispered. "You can stay here as long as you need to. I'll go and get your things later today, ok?"

Wooyoung whimpered a little and nodded his head. "I lost my phone at the club..."

"I'll stop by there too and see if they found it. But I want you to stay here, and I don't want you going anywhere near that place again, ok?"

The younger nodded and returned to where he had been sitting on the couch, picking up the half melted ice pack and pressing it to his face.

Yunho left that afternoon. When he got to the apartment, Yeosang opened the door right away, his face falling when he realized it was Yunho. "How is he doing?"

"Fine." The taller pushed his way into the apartment and went to Wooyoung's room.

"What are you doing?" Yeosang said, panicking a little.

"He doesn't want to come home right now, so I'm getting some of his things."

"Does he really hate me that much?" Yeosang's voice was so small, Yunho stopped to look at him.

He sided and ran his hands through his hair before leaning against the wall. "No. I don't think he hates you. I don't think Wooyoung has the ability to hate anyone, not really. But he is hurt, especially because you were with Jongho. What's up with that anyway? Can you really forgive him that easily?"

"I love him..." Yeosang looked at the floor.

Yunho scoffed. "And does he love you? If he does, then why did he cheat on you? Where is he anyway?"

"He went to get some clothes..." Yeosang flinched when Yunho pushed himself off the wall and stormed into Wooyoung's room, slamming the door.

The taller cursed under his breath as he grabbed armfuls of clothes and stuffed them into whatever bags he could find. Yeosang was still standing in the same place, his lower lip trembling, when Yunho finished.

"You can be a real fool sometimes, Yeosang. You really think Wooyoung would want to stay here if Jongho is here?" Yunho shook his head and left.

The club had managed to find Wooyoung's phone, but when questioned about what happened, they said they didn't see anything. Yunho called them all idiots and left quickly.

When he got home, he found his friend sleeping on the couch, curled up in a little ball. After taking the bags upstairs, he grabbed a blanket to throw over Wooyoung.

Jongho had ruined everything. He truly believed that. Their circle of friends was slowly falling apart.


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