Seonghwa/Yeosang - Sugary Forgiveness *M*Request*

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Oh man, I hope y'all are ready!! This one is crazy and I had SO much fun writing it!!! This one is for my girl lemonadedispenserXXX and hot damn haha I hope you enjoy it!! And for those of you who haven't already, please go check out her page!! She's got her own one shot book as well as some stories that (I think) put my writing to shame. She is AMAZING!! You won't regret it!

As always, I love you all! And I'll see you in the next one!!

"Thank you for coming! Have a nice day!" Yeosang said with a smile, waving at the sweet old lady as she shuffled through the front door.

He ran his hand through his light brown hair, then turned and shuffled the cupcakes and other pastries in the show case to fill in all the empty holes.

The bell dinged over the door and he looked up and beamed. "Hey handsome."

"Hello, my love." His boyfriend Seonghwa said, setting down the large bag of flour he was carrying. He brushed his hands against his jeans. "How have things been today?"

"Decent. A couple people have been in." Yeosang pursed his lips and logged into the computer screen behind the counter. "We are breaking even for the day. Barely."

The older sighed and started to drag the sack of flower to the back room. "We are just getting started... We will figure it out." He grunted as he disappeared in the back.

"I really think we need to pay for some advertising though. There's only so much word of mouth will get up." Yeosang said and waited for the other to come back.

They had just opened this bakery together. Well, Seonghwa did, but he had asked Yeosang to come on as manager. It had been open for three months and they were barely breaking even. A new business always had a hard time getting off the ground, but he felt like no one even knew they were there. He had been pushing to spend a little extra money to at least take out an ad in the newspaper, but Seonghwa was really hesitant for some reason.

The door to the kitchen opened and Seonghwa walked out and started to speak when his phone went off. He grabbed it and his eyes widened slightly before he sped outside and answered it.

Yeosang watched as he paced in front of the store, one of his hands clenching and unclenching at his side. This had been happening a lot lately and he didn't like it. He felt like Seonghwa was hiding something from him...

When the older walked back in, Yeosang crossed his arms. "What was that about?"

"Huh? Oh, nothing. Just stuff about supplies." Seonghwa said, trying to walk by.

"And don't you think I should know about that?"

Seonghwa froze and turned to him, a sharp look in his eyes. "Excuse me?"

"I AM your manager, right? Don't you think I should be in on the ordering details so I know what to expect shipment wise?" Yeosang clenched his jaw and tapped the counter.

They had been having this same argument for almost a week now. Seonghwa would place all these mysterious phone calls, claiming it was about the business, but would never tell Yeosang anything. He was starting to feel like he was just an employee, not even a manager, or even someone the older was supposed to love.

And Seonghwa validated his feelings by shaking his head. "I've got it handled! I'm trying to build my business up and keep us afloat, all while baking the food! Not all of us have time to sit around and rearrange the display case!"

That stung. Yeosang bit his tongue and looked away. It was about the only thing Seonghwa had told him to do lately, besides helping customers, so what else was he supposed to do?

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