Mingi/Seonghwa - Online Love *M**Request*

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Hello my loves!! I'm back with another request from jinjin0309 with her favorite pairing ;) I will never get tired of writing about these two haha so keep them coming!!!

Seonghwa jumped when his phone dinged next to him. He had just started to doze off after a long day at the office, and if this was someone asking him about work he was not going to be happy. He did not work on the weekends, and he refused to go in.

Taking a deep breath, he unlocked his phone and a wide smile crossed his face.

It was a message from Mingi. He bit his lip as opened the message and scanned through it.

'I want to meet you. Are you busy tonight?'

Seonghwa felt his mouth fall open and a blush cross his cheeks.

'Maybe.' He replied quickly.

'You must not be if you messaged me back already.'

'Maybe I'm just walking out the door.' Seonghwa chuckled to himself. He had met Mingi on a dating app a few weeks ago. He had instantly been drawn to his tattoo sleeve and the sexy lip ring he had. The taller had eluded to the fact that he had more tattoos hidden under his clothes.

Seonghwa had always been drawn to ink, having several himself dotting his arms and collarbone.

'I doubt it. It's Friday. You said you don't like to go out of Fridays.'

He already knew him so well. Seonghwa set his phone down and stared at it, trying to keep up his ruse. Truth was, he really did want to meet Mingi. They had already connected on so many levels and he was super sexy, which was just a plus. But he was nervous too.

His phone dinged again and Seonghwa smiled.

'I know you're just staring at your phone. Send me your address before I start knocking on every door in the city.'

'Now that's just overkill.'


Seonghwa shook his head and started to fiddle with his nose ring. Meeting him couldn't be that bad, could it? They already knew each other fairly well. He could always be some predator like all those murder stories go... But he didn't give off that vibe.

Another ding.

'I'm leaving now. First house coming up.'

'Alright, alright. Just promise me you're not some psychopath? I don't want to die today.'

'I'm going to ring the doorbell.'

Seonghwa shook his head with a smile and sent over his address. No going back now.

'Be there in 5.'

And he was true to his word. He knocked on the door several times before ringing the doorbell.

Seonghwa hesitated, staring at the only thing standing in between him and the man he was possibly starting to fall for. God he sounded crazy! They had only been talking for a few weeks, and yet he felt like he had known Mingi for years.

He walked forward slowly and placed his fingers on the cold doorknob.

"You're standing on the other side of the door, aren't you?" Mingi's deep voice sent a chill down Seonghwa's spine.

"No." Seonghwa replied quietly. But Mingi still heard it because he turned the handle and pushed it open, causing the older to step back.

The both froze as they looked at each other. He was even sexier in person...

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