San/Wooyoung - Secrets Revealed *M**Request*

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"No! I don't want to live with him, please Mom. Please." San begged as he followed his mom into the kitchen.

"Now, San, I already told you that my new husband needs to move in here because he is just in an apartment. It's not my fault you decided to live at home while going to university. And it sounds like his son made the same decision. I don't know what you want from me." She said, turning to him and crossing his arms.

"To divorce him. Or make him kick his son out."

San instantly regretted those words when he saw the hurt expression on his mother's face. "And is that what you would want to have happen if his son told him to do the same thing?" She asked softly, looking away from him.

"No... Mom, I didn't me-"

"I'm sorry I've disappointed you, son. I was just trying to find a piece of my own happiness. I know he used to bully you in school, but maybe he's changed. I know you have." His mom said, leaning forward to kiss his forehead before walking out of the room.

San watched her go, hating himself for hurting his mom. But he couldn't help it... his new step-brother did things to him that he couldn't explain, and the thought of living under the same roof as his high school bully did not sit well with him.

He would just have to make sure to be civil when he needed to be and avoid the other boy as much as possible...


The following day, San made sure to be on his best behavior and try to have a genuine smile when the moving van pulled up in front of their house and his new step family walked up to them.

He was happy to see his mom running up to the man to give him a big hug, but San couldn't focus once his eyes fell on the boy.


His mom was right about one thing, he had changed. Physically at least. He had dyed his hair black and was wearing makeup now. And he had put on some muscle in his arms and legs.

Wooyoung had always been attractive. He had been one of the most sought after boys in schools, having both boys and girls asking him out constantly.

So why he felt the need to constantly pick on San for how thin he was or the fact that he liked to wear makeup, San would never know.

All he knew now was that it was like someone watching over him really wanted him to suffer...

"Hi San. Long time no see." Wooyoung said, a bright smile crossing his face as he tilted his head and waved.

"Hello." San said shortly before walking past him to go start unloading the van.

He just needed to stay busy. That's all.

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