Yunho/Wooyoung - Change of Heart *M**Request*

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Ah! I love this one! This is my first pairing with these two and it was so much fun to write! Thank you lemonadedispenserXXX for requesting it!!

Until next time...... xoxoxoxoxo

Yunho glanced down at his phone again. No text. No call. Nothing. It was like his fiancé had disappeared, leaving him alone when they were getting married tomorrow!

He felt the tears come to his eyes. Mingi had always been outgoing, but he had said his clubbing and drinking days were over.

Unlocking is phone, he tried dialing his fiancé one more time.

Straight to voicemail. He had already left two others asking where he was and reiterating that it was the eve of their wedding, so he hung up and immediately dialed his best friend.

"Hey! How's it going man? Excited for tomorrow?"

"Can you come over?" Yunho's asked, working hard to keep his voice from shaking.

"I'm on my way." The line died and Yunho sighed in relief. He could always count on his best friend to come and help him.

A couple minutes later there was a knock on the door and Yunho opened it to reveal Wooyoung standing there holding a bottle of wine, two large wine glasses, and a wide smile on his face. "Time to have some fun!"

Yunho laughed as he bounded into the room and flopped down on the couch before pulling out a cork screw.

"Get your ass over here and sit down! We have drinking to do! You can't spend your last night of freedom sober." Wooyoung winked at him as the cork popped out.

Taking the glass of wine offered to him, the friends clinked their glasses and took a deep drink as he sat on the couch.

They chatted happily for a while. Several of their old high school friends had flown in for the wedding, so it was nice to see them again. But as the conversation died, Wooyoung took a deep breath and turned to Yunho.

"So where is he?"

"I don't know. All he said was he'd be back later." Yunho twisted the glass in his fingers and looked up at his friend. He didn't know if it was the alcohol speaking or what... But the way Wooyoung's face lit up in the moonlight was breathtaking.

"Well. It's his loss." The younger grumbled, pouring another glass of wine. "Let's go for a walk." He said, pulling Yunho off the couch and grabbing a blanket to wrap around his own shoulders. He always got cold. The thought made Yunho smile as he followed Wooyoung outside.

As they walked barefoot in the sand, Wooyoung stumbled and fell into Yunho's side. He quickly moved to help his friend stand again and noticed his cheeks turn a little read.

Then he found himself staring at his lips as the younger bit them nervously. "Sorry. I always forget I'm a lightweight."

"It's ok. Should we head back?"

"No." Wooyoung said quickly and kept walking.

Yunho hesitated, watching his friend walk away, swinging his arms as he did.

Then a thought entered his mind. He always felt so at peace around Wooyoung. They had been friends for ages, so it made sense. But was it normal for him to feel at ease with him more than his fiancé? He and Mingi had always had a tense relationship, the Yunho had been drawn to Mingi's charming and mysterious ways.

Wooyoung was... Wooyoung. He was loud, sometimes obnoxious, playful, extremely caring... And he was the person Yunho wanted to see every day.

His mouth fell open as his heart started to pound.

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