Hongjoong - Realization *M**Request*

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I'm so excited to share this one with you! We haven't had Hongjoong on his own yet, so this came a perfect time!! This time it was from InBrilliantViolet !! I hope you enjoy!! <3

Scarlett sighed as she read through his text again.

'Can I come over? I need to talk to you. I don't know if I can do this anymore.'

She sent him a quick reply, unable to say no even though it broke her heart knowing he was coming over to vent about his awful girlfriend.

They had been in an on again, off again, relationship for over a year now and whenever they were in their off period, Hongjoong always came running to Scarlett.

Scarlett had met Hongjoong while they were in elementary school and they became instant friends. Because they grew up together, Hongjoong seemed to view her as a sister. But he had no idea that she had been in love with him since she understood what it meant to love someone other than family.

Because of this, she couldn't bring herself to ever tell him no. Her desire to be near him clouded her judgement, and it always came back to bite her in the end once he got back together with his girlfriend.

Around twenty minutes later, there was a soft knock on her door. Scarlett straightened her clothes and hair, took a deep breath, then opened it. Her heart instantly broke.

Hongjoong looked so broken. His eyes were red and swollen and there were still fresh tears running down his cheeks. His skateboard hung loose in his hand.

Scarlett pulled him into a hug and kicked the door closed behind him. He sobbed into her shoulder as he clung to her shirt.

She ran her hands through his hair and down his back as she slowly led him over to her couch and forced him to sit before running to get him some water. He took it gratefully and gulped it down.

"Thank you..." He said softly, staring at the cup in his hands.

"What happened?" Scarlett asked quietly.

"She cheated on me..." His voice cracked.

Scarlett clenched her jaw. This was the third time he had caught her cheating. "Brent?"

Hongjoong nodded at let out a small whimper.

"Joong... Why do you keep doing this to yourself?"

"Because I love her."

"You love her?" Scarlett said, feeling her anger rising. "Do you really think this is what love is? She is just using you!" He looked up at her with a shocked expression. "I'm sorry, but I can't hold it back any longer! She. Is. Using. You. If she is going to Brent behind your back, obviously you don't mean that much to her. She should want to be with you, and only you, every second of every day."

Scarlett felt her heart beating quickly as Hongjoong just stared at her. She had to stand and turn away from him.

"She should smile when she sees you, want to hug you right away, want to do whatever she can to please you. Even if it means she drops everything every time you text her because seeing you is what gets her through the day." She paused when she realized she had shifted into talking about herself.

Hongjoong sighed behind her. She turned to see his face buried in his hands. "You're right, I know you're right because that's how I feel about her..." He said softly.

Scarlett bit her lip and left the room. She couldn't take it anymore. Her entire body trembled as she worked to fight back the tears. She looked at where his skateboard had been discarded and fought the urge to throw it at something.

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